The Boy Games

Elie is a regular high school student she is about to graduate and the day after graduation she's moving to London. Will she meet a boy? Will she fall for the wrong boy you will have to read to figure out. ( This is my first movella please no h8)


3. date

 Tonight is my date with Louis. m so excited since i didn't get a proper welcome last night. it was 4:00 and i got in the shower. I scrubbed my body and hair. I hopped out blow dried my hair and straightened it. I applied eyeliner and mascara. I got dressed i a pair of neon pink shorts and a neon orange loose over the shoulder shirt that showed a little bit of my stomach when i raised my arms and i put on my black vans it was not 4:55 i grabbed my phone and headed down stairs i sat on the couch playing on my phone right at 5:00 there's a knock on the door i gave Hunter a hug and said "bye!" i opened the door and there was Louis holding a rose. He gave the the rose and said " You look beautiful" i said " Thank you, You look handsome" We walked to his car and left. We arrived at Nandos got a table and ate. When we were done he paid and we left.We decided to go back to his place and watch a movie. We got to his place we decided to watch paranormal activity 2. i hate scary movies and i have no clue why i agreed to watch it. when the movie started i said " Louis, i'm scared " he said " don't worry babe i'll protect you " That made me smile. In the middle of the movie i feel asleep huddled up to Louis because i was scared my head was laying on his chest.


The next morning i woke up in his bed and i smelt bacon and pancakes. i walked down stairs and saw Louis cooking breakfast. i went up behind him and gave him a hug. " Breakfast is almost ready love" he said "okay" i set the table and he put breakfast on the plates and i got us glasses of orange juice. during breakfast we talked about our families. Then he out of nowhere he said " would you be my girlfriend" "yes!!!!!!!!!!" i said happily. After breakfast i went up stairs and got my phone i had a message from hunter Where are you? to hunter sorry i spent the night with Louis ill be home later from hunter OK i went down stairs and Louis was watching MTV the show Awkward was on " do you like this show? i said "Love it!" he said i sat down on his lap so he couldn't see the TV he playfully said "move" with a puppy dog face i giggled and said "nope" he laughed and said " well then i have no choice" he started tickling me "please..........stop" i tried to say through the giggling i was doing. "ill stop if you say Louis Tomlinson is the sexiest man in the universe " he said "never" i barely said "then i won't stop" he said "fine, Louis Tomlinson is the sexiest man in the universe" i said. he stopped and said "i know i am, you want to go to the park?" "sure " i said.

we walked around the for about an hour just talking. Then he took me home. we arrived at my house and i turned to him and said "bye" i unbuckled and opened the door then said "wait stop shut  the door" so i did i  turned to him and asked "what?" he put his warm hand on my cheek and said "i know i just meet yo about two days ago but i love you" i said "i love you too" we both leaned in and kissed me it was so passionate it lasted for what seemed like forever i loved it we finally broke apart and i opened the door he said  "bye,i love you baby" "bye, i love you too baby" i said and i walked back to the flat and Hunter was not home so i just walked up stairs into my room and watched TV. i got a text it was from harry tomorrow will you come over i want you to meet some of my friends to Louis OK what time from Louis at the earliest 10:00 am to Louis OK be there at 10:30 from Louis OK see you the love, i love you to Louis OK see you then babe i love you too 

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