Murder at Huntington Manor

Huntington Manor is a place of murder and betrayal.
Willow Taylor is writing an article in History about Huntington Manor.She is told to visit it but there is a myth that whoever goes in there dies, they get murdered by Tobias Huntington the son who was mistreat and caused the death of the Huntingtons. After Willow goes to the house strange things happen to her. Is someone trying to kill Willow? And will Willow be the one to save Tobias from not being loved?
This story is a mystery,a bit scary, fantasy and romance book.


16. The Girl

‘Today one of our men has been killed!’ Uproar, in the vast cave shook the stalactites and rubble fell from the caves roof. ‘A human captured the poor man and bottled him like an experiment. We have no idea where he has taking him, but we will find him...we will kill him!’ Chants of death echoed throughout the cave, a frenzy of Portrayers stamped their sticks.

Portrayers from other worlds far and wide left the meeting. One of their leaders, from the underworld, has just been captured. They want revenge and they will get it.

The Portrayer who was known as the ‘Chief’ stepped down from his podium. Speaking aloud: ‘There was a girl. She could be the one who can die. He would have wanted that, the leader. But Master won’t let us kill her, he wants her to himself. We can’t go against his rules...we will be destroyed. Babies, women, the elderly all could be killed because of this girl. Why is she so important? What is more important a nation or a feeble, stupid girl? I will find her and soon she will make the rivers run red with her salty blood. Master...WE ARE FREE!!!!!’

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