Murder at Huntington Manor

Huntington Manor is a place of murder and betrayal.
Willow Taylor is writing an article in History about Huntington Manor.She is told to visit it but there is a myth that whoever goes in there dies, they get murdered by Tobias Huntington the son who was mistreat and caused the death of the Huntingtons. After Willow goes to the house strange things happen to her. Is someone trying to kill Willow? And will Willow be the one to save Tobias from not being loved?
This story is a mystery,a bit scary, fantasy and romance book.


14. The Blob

Gaping holes started to form where his eyes should have been, like it was putting on a pair of glasses and can finally see. Looking around I see no one else staring at this creature, shocked. It seemed to be stood there a while, we were having a stare off and he was winning.

My eyes burned from staring too long; rubbing them I open my eyes to see a horrific sight.

The creature has moved and squished himself up against the cafe window. Where the eye like hole used to be now was a huge mouth with razor sharp teeth. It was snapping at every movement that happened in the cafe. But this was all aimed for me. Beads of sweat started to drip down my neck. If it finds its way in...Well I wouldn’t like to think what would happen.

Edward seemed not be phased by this creature, it seemed like he knew it was there though. He also was staring at it and looking back at me. Shaking his head, he stands and opens the door to the cafe.

The blob seemed to have not notice Edward approach him. I don’t know if I saw this or what but a few steps away Edward grabbed a bottle out of his pocket, flicked it open and the blob had gone. As casually as he left, he sauntered back into the cafe and sat down. He wouldn’t give me eye contact.

‘What was that?’ My heart started to go back to normal pace. Edward had his hands on the table, wringing them from side to side.

Scratching his chin he opens his mouth. ‘Right, it is difficult to explain.’ Another second went by. ‘You know I was teaching your class yesterday about Witchcraft?’


Another scratch. ‘Well some aspects of it can be true. For example that thing outside-

‘The blob.’ He looked at me strangely. ‘It looked like a blob.’

He shakes his head. ‘Anyway,’ my cheeks burn up. ‘Like I was saying that thing outside is called a Portrayer. A Portrayer is a black blob that can form itself into someone or something. So it could change into you, it will have the same personality, it will know everything.’

‘So can we be surrounded by them now?’

‘No they need to be in contact with you. A slight brush and it will remember your body your feelings. Not a lot can them though. I was shocked you could see them but sometimes they pick someone to be. They must have picked you and me.’

‘It just looked like it wanted to eat me.’

He chuckled. ‘Yeah they are very...what’s the word....stupid. It got annoyed that it couldn’t get to you so it thought it will try and get through with his teeth. Well not his teeth it looks like it has been swimming with piranhas.’ Spooky.

‘So how did you stop it? You know with the bottle.’  I gestured towards his jeans pocket.

Moving his hand from the table, he grasps the bottle and brings it in front of me.

‘This? It’s just a bottle, you can use any bottle. They seemed to be attracted to them.’

I frowned. I knew he was lying but I wasn’t going to say anything. ‘Okay.’ The blob was in the little bottle, it looked like water. The bottle was murky from the Portrayer. This just doesn’t make just don’t see these sort of things.

‘So what if they come back and you are not around with your bottles?’ I questioned he seemed to be in another world again.

‘Hm? Well...Good Luck.’

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