Murder at Huntington Manor

Huntington Manor is a place of murder and betrayal.
Willow Taylor is writing an article in History about Huntington Manor.She is told to visit it but there is a myth that whoever goes in there dies, they get murdered by Tobias Huntington the son who was mistreat and caused the death of the Huntingtons. After Willow goes to the house strange things happen to her. Is someone trying to kill Willow? And will Willow be the one to save Tobias from not being loved?
This story is a mystery,a bit scary, fantasy and romance book.


6. Shadow

‘Hello Willow, how is the project going?’ Mr Berry asked as I took my seat in History last lesson.

‘It is going fine, I haven’t quite finished it but it is nearly there.’ He smiled.

‘Great, I knew I could trust you. I am giving you extra time because your project is longer so don’t worry about bringing it today. I want it in though for next week, is that okay?’ I nod. ‘Great, thanks again Willow.’ Under his breath he mumbled. ‘Was it okay?’

‘Peachy.’ We chuckle and he goes back to the front of class.

‘Right guys, projects out. Willow you share with Isabelle...’

Halfway through the lesson:

‘Can Isabelle Perkins please come to the gym immediately; she won’t be staying in the lesson.’ Mrs Briggs, our school secretary announced. I looked at Izzy she shrugged her shoulders.

‘Okay, Isabelle can you leave the picture with Willow so she can carry on.’ Mr Berry asked, she nodded then left leaving me in the room by myself.

Izzy has her driving license already, which annoys me because I have to stick with a bike. So when she has practice I have to ride my bike home, sometimes in the rain. This is not good. I haven’t brought my bike today and if she does have practice I am stuck because I came with her today.

Lesson ends and I rush to the car park. No sight of Izzy, I stand by her red Nissan and wait. Five minutes pass and still no show. Everyone has left except teachers. Another few minutes pass and staff come out. Mr Berry one of them.

‘Hello Willow, why aren’t you at home?’

I point my thumb towards Izzy’s car. ‘I am waiting for Izzy but I don’t know where she is.’

‘Hmm. Well she got asked to go to the gym, why don’t you check there?’ I slap my hand against my forehead.

‘Of course, thanks sir you’re a life saver.’ He chuckles and says his goodbyes.

I head towards the gym, its creepy being in an empty school. It had already turned dark, so the corridors were dark as well. The moon cast shadows in the corridors. I reached the gym but there was no movement. The door was locked; maybe she is on the field. No, where is she?

Standing by her car, I start to rummage through my bag for something to do. Something brushes my hand I pull it out and it is a bit of wax. There is only a small amount but there is a letter squished on ‘B.’ what is this supposed to mean? I rack my brain B. I only know one person whose name starts with a b and that’s my dad ‘Bill.’ So this makes no sense to me at all. Another thing to add to my collection.

An hour passed and the wind started to pick up. I shoved my wholly hat on and gloves. ‘She isn’t coming.’ I said allowed to myself. Annoyed that she hadn’t texted me or something. I started my walk home. I got to the end of the road when something caught my eye. A pair of footprints in one of the gardens, at first you think that is okay but the strange thing is there was a shadow just behind them. Like someone was standing there, the shadow was made by the moonlight and streetlamps so it defiantly was a shadow not just a mark. I pause in my steps and stare; I imagine that invisible person staring back it creeps me out. So I carry on walking, just at a faster pace. I look again but this the time the footprints are in another garden with the mysterious shadow. I move quicker yet again but the shadow seems to be quicker because whenever I look it is there like it has been waiting for me to catch up. Only a few more streets I say to myself over and over again. This race carried on until I reached my road. It seemed to sense I was nearing home and the footprints got nearer. I yanked my gate open but the footprints were on my porch because there were muddy boots prints there. What can I do? I don’t want to walk through it, what if it is a ghost or a portal. Back door! I run to the back and there are them footprints again. I run back to the front, it is too quick. I either have to risk walking through or get a ladder. Ladder!

My dad is a builder; he actually helped build our house. So when it comes to things like this it is helpful. He always has a ladder resting on the garage. I run to the garage and grab the ladder. Placing it where my room is I climb. Please say my window is open; please say my window is open. Damn! Locked, I knock on my window as loud as I can. A few seconds later my older brother, Mark, walks in. He sees me and bursts out laughing. ‘Open it!’ I mouthed. Holding his sides he opens the window.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ He asks as I manoeuvre myself through the window.

‘I forgot my key and I knocked no one heard so I got dad’s ladder and climbed up here.’ I don’t know if he will believe me but I know he won’t tell mum or dad. ‘Stop laughing!’ I shout.

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’ He splutters, he is so immature even though he is nearly going to Uni. ‘Okay, you okay?’ I nod. He snorts and then puts a straight face on. ‘The door was locked because mum and dad are out for dad’s Christmas meal with work.’

‘It’s only the start of December though.’

‘Whatever, but Alfie wanted the door locked,’ my ten year old brother. ‘He is such a wimp.’

‘Shut up Mark that is horrible he is only young. Besides you were scared of the dark till you were twelve and you wanted a night light.’ I spluttered.

‘Shut up.’ Slamming the door as he left, I felt bad after that. But he does deserve it Alfie is only ten. Talking about Alfie where are they?

Alfie’s room is next door to mine, we used do little knocks to talk. It was quite cool actually but I have forgotten half of it.

‘Alfie?’ I knock on his door.

‘What?’ Alfie shouted.

‘Can I come in?’


I walked into his room to find him on his game again. His birthday was two weeks ago and we got him a video game and he won’t leave it. He is addicted to it.

‘How’s the game?’ I ask un-interested as I take a seat next to him.

‘It’s good I am nearly on level 30. Where you are on a planet called Malza and you have to put a bomb on then escape. It’s really hard apparently. James in on Level 30 and he keeps on dying.’ Wow, what boys do for entertainment?

‘Oooo sounds good!’ I say sarcastically.

‘Really?’ he raises his eyebrows. He knows I hate videogames give me a book about detectives and I’m in.

‘Sort of, if I liked it, it would interest me. Can I just watch?’ It does actually look okay, at the moment he is killing a zombie. Quite graphic.

 ‘Sure, just don’t talk much I am nearly at the end of th- Darn It!!’ The zombie had attacked him and his character was shooting blood out everywhere.

‘Sorry, I will leave. Night.’ I kiss him on his cheek; he quickly wipes it off and muffles ‘Night.’

Copyright Samanthahallwood

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