Murder at Huntington Manor

Huntington Manor is a place of murder and betrayal.
Willow Taylor is writing an article in History about Huntington Manor.She is told to visit it but there is a myth that whoever goes in there dies, they get murdered by Tobias Huntington the son who was mistreat and caused the death of the Huntingtons. After Willow goes to the house strange things happen to her. Is someone trying to kill Willow? And will Willow be the one to save Tobias from not being loved?
This story is a mystery,a bit scary, fantasy and romance book.


2. Present Day

‘And that is why Tobias Huntington was a murder. Next week I want you to bring in a picture of Huntington Manor and we will analyse it.’ Bells echo down the hall and into the classroom. ‘Okay that is all, have a good weekend.’

Scraping chairs break the long silence of Mr Berry’s speech. Students started to leave; I picked up my backpack and turn to my neighbour.

‘Hey Izzy, are you coming to mine tonight?’ A blonde haired girl turned to me and smiled with coral lips.

‘Sorry I can’t,’ Izzy said apologetically. ‘I have football practice.’ Izzy was very popular and beautiful, and loved sport. She did football, netball, swimming, tennis, you name and she did it. Surprisingly she was my best friend since....forever. Ever since Nursery we have been joint at the hip, no one has ever separated us not even boys. This is quite hard for Izzy, seen as though she is Miss Popular. I have not really had the problem. I am tall, lanky and boring looking, with mousy brown hair and eyes to match, I am Miss Normal.

‘Its fine, I er-need to do homework.’ Ever since we have started Yr11 we have hardly seen each other, Izzy is either doing sports or on holiday.

‘Aw, Wills I didn’t mean to upset you it’s just I really need to practice we have finals coming up.’ She stands to leave ‘Oh, Henry was wondering what you were doing tonight.’ She smirks then leaves, leaving me with Mr Berry.

Standing briskly, I go to leave when Mr Berry stops me. ‘Wait Willow! Am I correct in thinking you are on the journalist team?’

‘You are.’ He chuckles, even though he gives long speeches he is actually really nice and interesting. I have always had a good relationship with him ever since I started.

‘Well, I was wondering if you would like to do a report on Huntington Manor, and maybe even visit it.’ My stomach flipped, finally a new article to do. I haven’t had one in months and it was ruining my chances of staying on the team.

‘Yes, yes, yes!’ He chuckled again.

‘That’s good then, I will have more information on it. Even go down to the house, but I have a rule. Don’t go in to the house or by yourself-

‘Really sir,’ I sighed. ‘You believe that nonsense.’

‘Just go with someone.’


‘You may go now, have a good weekend.’ Mr Berry started to shuffle his papers indicating he wanted to be by himself. Just as I reached the door he spoke once again: ‘Remember Willow, please.’

I nodded and left. Honestly, I thought he would know better. There has been a myth about the Huntington Manor, that the ghost of Tobias Huntington is still wandering the corridors. Apparently looking for his love, the one he has been searching for, seen as though he never had it from his parents. But if you do not show a sign of love, consequences happen and you don’t come back out. There was a story a few years ago, a young boy went into the house for a dare and never came back out. A huge police party went to the house to search for his body and again they never came out again. Some here screams from the house, when another victim goes in. I don’t believe it really just another bedtime story. But if it was true how would it help two people going in when that huge party got killed. 


A few minutes later, I am back at home. No one is in yet so I go prepare for tomorrow. On the way to my bedroom, I see a note pinned to the kitchen door. I don’t recognise the writing; it seems to be in calligraphy or something. Not something you see anymore. Peeling it of the door it read:

‘Once a day a life is taken. Once a year three hundred are taking. Time is ticking, my love is approaching. Time to change the past my dear.’ 

Reading it five more times, then pacing, then another six times I stopped. Is this some sort of joke, has Mr Berry giving this for a clue or something. How would he get in my house? How would anyone get in my house? My stomach squeezed together, what if they never left, what if they are still here. Cautiously turning around I tiptoed to the front door, locking it in case they tried to escape. Right, any martial arts positions I know? No, why did I quit. I went for about two sessions then quit because I didn’t like a boy there.  Stupid Adam Davies! Checking all of downstairs, there is nothing. I then check upstairs again nothing. All windows were tightly closed, all doors locked. Where is this mysterious poet?

Hesitantly, I walked back to the spot where I found it. Reading the note once more it suddenly clicked, there is a relation to Huntington Manor here. Just a few minutes ago, I was talking to Mr Berry about the myth of Tobias Huntington. Now I have a note talking about deaths and love, in a strange font, almost historical. But the question is, how did it get here? Maybe my parents put it there coincidently. Best not dwell on it, I will soon find out tomorrow.



‘Hi Izzy, you okay?’ I asked as my last piece of homework was nearly to an end.

‘I am good thanks and you?’ It sounded like Izzy had company, not family though.

‘Good, Izzy have you got a boy there?’ Dropping my pen upon my bed, I sighed and turned over.

‘Maybe,’ Then whispered. ‘It’s Henry; he was pretty upset that you didn’t ring him so he came over to see if you were here. So he then asked me to go to the cinema, so yeah that’s it.’

I know Izzy like the back of my hand, and that isn’t just it. ‘Okay then, well Mr Berry asked me to do an article on Huntington Manor. He suggested I go to the Manor, just the outside to look at it, but the problem is and what I am asking you is. I need someone to go with, he was quite persistent that someone will come with me. And you know, you owe me so...can you come?’

I heard a choke on the other end. ‘Huntington Manor! You’re kidding aren’t you; I’m not going there it’s a mad house, a murder house. You could get killed!’

‘Really Izzy! You believe that-

‘I don’t care what you think is silly, this is your best friend talking. Do not go to that house!’

‘I am going Isabelle, if you don’t want to come don’t. But this is my big break-

‘You’re going to risk your life for a big break? Well, it was nice knowing you.’

‘And you.’ The line went dead.

Arrgghhh! Why can’t anyone realise it’s a lie. They are all pathetic. Guilt, then washed over me ‘I didn’t need to take it out on Izzy, she was only trying to protect me’ I thought. But I have to go; this could change my position in the team. Besides I am not going into the house just observing. 

©Copyright Samantha Hallwood

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