Murder at Huntington Manor

Huntington Manor is a place of murder and betrayal.
Willow Taylor is writing an article in History about Huntington Manor.She is told to visit it but there is a myth that whoever goes in there dies, they get murdered by Tobias Huntington the son who was mistreat and caused the death of the Huntingtons. After Willow goes to the house strange things happen to her. Is someone trying to kill Willow? And will Willow be the one to save Tobias from not being loved?
This story is a mystery,a bit scary, fantasy and romance book.


9. Mr Berry

The storm carried on into the next day; luckily Izzy gave me a lift to school. Rain battered the windscreen, as we made our way through the busy streets. Trees looked bare from the gale force winds.

‘It looks like a hurricane has hit us in the night!’ Izzy voiced my thoughts as we passed an uprooted tree thrown across the ground.

We reached the car park to the school; a group of students were stood in a huddle near one of the parked cars.

‘What’s happening?’ I asked mainly to myself but Izzy shrugged.

‘Let’s go see.’ Izzy was already out of the car and approaching the crowd.

The group of students were mainly girls, giggling as we saw a man get out of the car. Mr Berry...but different. Mr Berry has hair receding, from age, and always has a pair of half moon glasses. That was then now...his hair had somehow come back and was now slicked back. Glasses gone now black, shiny sunglasses were covering his eyes. His body structure was the thing that changed the most, he was now muscular. I haven’t seen Mr Berry in two days and he has suddenly changed to a...a hunk!

‘Now, now ladies get to lessons with you!’ Mr Berry purred to the group of girls, they all giggled and ran off to the main building. He then looked into my eyes and frowned.

‘Hi sir, what has happened to you?’ I asked he frowned again as he made his way towards us. ‘I mean you look nice, but-

‘I hate that word ‘but’ in my house we do not speak of it.’ His voice raised and he put his hand in the air, like he was about to hit me. He stopped mid air and lowered it again.

Relief washed over his face, as the bell went, me and Izzy stood gobsmacked by his car. He was about to hit me, for no reason. Wait, there was a reason I said ‘But’ and he flipped. Izzy and I jumped back into realization as the second bell went, indicating you better get to class or else.

History was last and I was dreading it...


‘For the last time Willow, you cannot miss History.’ Mrs Briggs was sat behind her desk with pursed lips.

‘Please, I am really not feeling so good. I told you I had a panic attack and I just went downhill.’ I am really bad at lying, so I could tell the first time I told her she did not believe.

‘If there is no proof then I won’t let you go home, you have one more lesson and then you can go home.’

‘Izzy was there-

‘Yes but she is your best friend who could lie for you. Please just go to lesson, when I say no I mean no.’ I made my way to the main doors. ‘Hurry now, Mr Berry is wondering where you are.’

I shivered at the thought of seeing him again. Izzy had left me to go to lesson, so I was by myself as I knocked on the door of History.

‘Come in.’ Mr Berry bellowed.

Breath Willow, you can do this.

‘Ahh, Miss Taylor. You finally join us.’ Mr Berry smirked at me as I walked in. ‘No, no don’t sit down. I want you to tell me what is up. Class you may talk upon yourselves.’ He was like an animal, circling me and making me weak. Why was he being so mean to me? What had I done?

‘Erm, I wasn’t feeling well.’

‘Right, well Mrs Briggs said you were trying to avoid this lesson. Why is that?’ He stood right in front of me, so close I could feel his cold, minty breath against my skin. I shuffled from one foot to the other, it suddenly got cold.

‘I wasn’t sir; just I was not feeling well. I had a bit of a panic attack at lunch.’

Concern came to his eyes, and he backed away. ‘Why dear?’ He seemed to have switched to his old self, the cocky side had gone.

‘I was worrying because I hadn’t finished the report. I told Mrs Briggs but she did not believe me.’ He frowned at this.

‘That is not right; a student in distress should be looked after.’ He seemed to be mainly talking to himself, like he was reciting it from somewhere. His eyes shifted to me then back at the wall. ‘Don’t worry I will sort it out.’

‘It is fine sir, I will be okay.’

I sat at my table, unsure what Mr Berry would say or do next. He seemed to be in his own world when he sat back at his desk. Fiddling with something on his table, a picture of some sort, but of what I do not know. Sensing I was watching him, he dropped the picture into his desk then turned to the class.

‘Today, I am going to put a film on about the Huntington’s. Take notes in your planner, no talking.’ He eyed the group of gossip girls in the back, they giggled in return. Sitting back at his desk the movie started.

The film was a remake of the story of the Huntington’s. It showed the young Tobias growing up, portraying him as a mad character who upset his family dearly. The mother was hit by the teenage Tobias, his face a picture of hatred. It was quite disturbing; it ended with the death of the Huntington’s. Elizabeth screaming for her ‘Pappa’ made me quake, remembering the thoughts I had after the shadow had payed a visit.

‘Right class, I won’t be in tomorrow. You will have a supply see you next week.’

Izzy and I made our way to her car.

‘What is up with that guy? One minute he was this cool slick man who was about to hit you. Now, he is missing class and softening back up to you.’ Izzy ranted on the way home. ‘He is one strange man; I have practice tomorrow by the way.’

‘Okay.’ I wasn’t particularly listening to Izzy rant; I kept on thinking of Tobias. When I saw him in the picture he had no hatred in his face, just sorrow. But in the film he was the grotesque boy who was not accepted. What is it with this Huntington family? Is there more to this story? This is what I want to find out; I could not wait to get back to the house to look more in depth. This time, I will be prepared.

‘Are you listening?’ Izzy asked.

‘Huh! Sorry I am thinking about the Huntington’s place, I think there is more to this story. It just doesn’t link how they show Tobias, the pictures I saw he was full of solemn. But this film, he looks like a mad man.’

‘Maybe because he is mad.’ Izzy said sarcastically, still a bit miffed of that I didn’t listen to her story.

‘No, I mean...I don’t know. But I am going to find out on Saturday, I am going to prepare myself.’


‘Well I am going to the shop. Please can you take me?’

Izzy huffed. ‘I am near your house now.’

‘Okay then I will just go to the house unarmed and may die. But hey!’

A grumble or two later, we pulled up outside the maintenance shop in town, Tony and Sons.

‘Right, there you go. I need to be off.’ Izzy said while adjusting her makeup.

‘What you’re going to leave me?’

‘Yeah, I am meeting up with Henry.’ What happened to no boys can split us apart.

‘Fine.’ I spat.

‘Don’t be angry with me, I am sorry.’

‘Okay, see you tomorrow.’ I half smiled still annoyed with her for leaving me for a boy.

Izzy pulled out of the parking space and sped off, leaving me alone. I made my way up to the shop; I haven’t been in here since I was younger. Tony doesn’t own it now, he retired a few years ago it is now one of his sons John. My dad loves this shop, he always tries to drag one of us there but we always pretend we are busy. A little bell chimed as I opened the door. Flyers, which were upon the till, flew of onto the floor some escaping outside.

‘That is the second time that has happened. I think we should move them dad.’ A young boy about my age came from around the desk. He seemed nice; he had blonde wavy hair which fell to his shoulders. He had stunning green eyes and had a nice smile.

‘I am so sorry.’ I started to pick up the flyers.

He chuckled. ‘It is fine, this has happened twice now. Honestly, it is not the best place for them to be.’ I looked up and smiled. ‘Please leave that to me. How can I help you?’

I brushed my knees as I got to my feet. ‘I am just looking for supplies, but thank you anyway. I will ask you if I need any help.’

‘Okay, I am Tim by the way.’ He stuck his calloused hand out.

‘Willow.’ I shook his hand back and smiled. I can see him as a good friend.

Tim carries on picking up the leaflets, which makes me feel bad seen as though it was my fault. Wandering the isles I find the crow bar section. Just in case the door locks again, the last time it must of been luck.

‘Hello Miss Taylor.’ I turn to find Mr Berry, he smiles down at me but I still can sense the attitude.

‘Hey sir, what are you doing here?’

‘Just looking for supplies, I am going camping you see. That is why I am off tomorrow.’ He smiled yet again as he looked at the opposite shelf full of rods.

‘Ah cool, where about?’

He picks out a long red rope with a sharp hook on the end. ‘Don’t know yet, wherever it takes me. I do need a good holiday though; I haven’t had a day off in....Oooo... two years.’ Whoa! He must be dedicated to his job.

‘Wow sir, you really do. I hope you enjoy yourself.’

‘Thank you very much. What will your weekend consist of?’ Shall I tell him I am going back to the house? Will it hurt?

‘I am going back up to the old Huntington Manor, I left my phone there and I want to find more out about the house.’ He seemed shocked by this.

‘You have been in the house? Didn’t I tell you not to?’ His voice started to rise; I looked down at his hand in case it will rise as well.

‘Yeah, sir I was not hurt.’

He seemed to not be listening, he started muttering to himself. ‘When you go in the house, do not and I mean do not go upstairs.’


‘Just don’t child, good bye.’ He rushed off leaving me alone yet again.

 Why can’t I go upstairs? Is there something hidden up there, something dangerous? Anyway why does Mr Berry suddenly know so much about the place? All these questions, but no answers.

 It had turned dark when I left the shop I had got what I needed and more:

Crow Bar




Yes, this sounds like I am going hiking or something like that but I want to be sure I will be fine. If only they sell ghost repel or something.

The walk home seemed to take seconds and I was already near my road. Sirens wailed in the distance approaching my street. I scurried down the street as quick as possible. A house was taped up with DO NOT CROSS. It had ambulances and police cars surrounding it, crowds of people enclosed into the scene. My parents were stood just a few feet away from me, my brother’s close by. I ran over to them.

‘What’s happened?’ My father turned to me, pushing his glasses up.

‘Murdered, poor Betty.’ Hang on that’s Mrs Briggs, the school’s receptionists, house.

‘What, how, who, why?’ My mother hushed me pulling me into her chest.

‘Its fine baby, we will tell you in the house.’

We stood there for about five minutes until movement came from the house. A stretcher carried by two men. A cover over poor Mrs Briggs, who that day I had an argument with, guilt washed over me.

‘Please go back to your houses.’ A police man said over the megaphone we shuffled back to our houses. Some left hesitantly as the family of Betty came. A woman with short brown hair was in tears, she fell to the ground when she saw the stretcher.

We all sat in the front room in silence, shocked from the event. How could this of been done? Just as I thought that my father cleared his throat ‘It will tell us more on the news.’ He clicked on the TV. Her face was headlined over the news Murdered it written. A strict looking woman started the report:

‘Breaking news, Elizabeth Briggs was murdered tonight in her home at 6pm. The question everyone is asking is why. David Winters reports from the house, David?’

The news flashes to a man dressed in a suit outside Mrs Briggs house. ‘Yes, we do not know why yet. Apparently she had no enemies, so this was a stupid prank. A man was seen; dressed all in black, approach her house at 5:30pm. He knocked on her door and entered. That was the last seen of him. But when the police were called by the neighbours, who had heard a scream, the man was not found. No windows were opened and no doors, so we still don’t know how he left. Briggs was found hanged with a hook through her mouth, hanging from the ceiling. A mirror had smashed near the scene but nothing else was moved. The strange thing is there were no fingerprints, and apparently a glove was left near her body. The glove has been sent to be tested but still nothing has been heard. This is a sad time for the street and of course family. Back to the studio.’

‘Yes regards to the family.’

We look at each other with sorrow, how can this happen to her? Such an innocent woman and such a horrific death. Hooked and hanged, that killing has never been seen or heard of. Wait, that day just before I came home Mr Berry was buying a hook and rope for camping. And he left so it can’t be him. But he has changed you never know. It’s coincidental I argued with myself as I went to bed.

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