Murder at Huntington Manor

Huntington Manor is a place of murder and betrayal.
Willow Taylor is writing an article in History about Huntington Manor.She is told to visit it but there is a myth that whoever goes in there dies, they get murdered by Tobias Huntington the son who was mistreat and caused the death of the Huntingtons. After Willow goes to the house strange things happen to her. Is someone trying to kill Willow? And will Willow be the one to save Tobias from not being loved?
This story is a mystery,a bit scary, fantasy and romance book.


7. Mobile Phone

I was still a bit freaked out from yesterdays encounter but I was more annoyed with Izzy. No contact all night, I don’t know where she is. If she is picking me up. Or what.

‘Izzy is here!’ My mum shouts up the stairs. I give her and my dad a quick peck and leave.

‘Hey Wills.’ Izzy greets happily, delirious to my anger.

‘Isabelle Louise Perkins, I waited a whole hour by your car last night. Then I got followed home had to use a ladder to get into my room and suffer being laughed at by Mark.’ Izzy tried to keep a straight face while I ranted but she soon spurted out laughing.

‘I am sorry Wills, but I did text you.’ Text me? No she didn’t. Wait, I haven’t seen my phone for a while actually.

‘Texted me? Where were you anyway?’ 

‘Yeah I texted you to say I was going to an away match with football and Amy was going to walk home with you.’

‘Amy wasn’t there. You know what I haven’t seen my phone since-since...Oh no!’

‘What?’ Izzy looked panicked and she stopped at the side of the road.

‘The last time I had it was at Huntington Manor.’ We look at each other with dread.

‘You will have to keep it there.’

‘I can’t my mum and dad will kill me. I have already lost one phone I can’t lose another.’

‘Would you rather have your parents kill you or a mad murder kill you. Who hint hint is very well experienced.’

 ‘Chance it.’

‘You’re going to it and going to chance it for your bloody mobile phone.’ She shouts. ‘Honestly, what is in that noggin of yours?’

‘Well, you could come with me.’

‘And get killed as well, I know this sounds bad from your best friend if you are so stupid go by yourself.’

‘Whatever. I will, I got out last time, second time a charm.’

‘You are bonkers.’

‘That’s why you love me.’

‘Humph.’ She sniffed.

After school I am going to head to the house quickly run and run out. It must be on the rug. Anyway curiosity is killing me.

‘Okay girls 4 laps of the field then a cool down today.’ Miss Apple shouted our P.E teacher. The whole class groaned accept Izzy who shouted ‘Get in!’ Miss Apple continued. ‘You can run in partners or groups, you’re not getting timed it’s just a fun lesson. Hop, skip, jump whatever just no walking.’

Izzy and I decided to jog its easy enough.

‘So are you still going through with it, you know phone.’

‘Yep.’ She eyed me probably checking if I was bluffing or was going crazy.

‘I worry about you at times; really, I am telling you the truth.’

‘Your my best friend you have to care, I care about you it’s just what friends are for.’

‘I don’t want you to go by yourself.’

‘I have to; I thought about it I don’t want you going. What is the point if I do get killed you also do.’ I smirk. ‘At least you can tell the news that I was a great friend.’

‘Yes, I will don’t worry.’ We both start to giggle.

On our second lap Izzy nudges my side. ‘There is a guy over there, don’t look straight away but he has been staring at you for ages.’ I glance over. There is a guy with his hands in the pockets of his suit. He looks strangely familiar but from where?

‘Spooky, I recognise him from somewhere.’

Izzy glances back over at the guy. ‘I don’t I tell you what he sort of looks like, which is impossible unless he is a relation. Mr Huntington, Tobias’s dad.’

My mind goes back to the moment when I saw the picture of him in the house. In the same suit and solemn expression. ‘This is getting really weird. You know when I told you about the picture in the house,’ nods. ‘That is him. The same suit the same sad look. Mr Huntington.’

A crack of thunder rumbles the ground as torrential rain starts to fall. I look back over to the guy, when we head into the changing rooms, but he is not there.

‘Izzy, he’s gone.’

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