Murder at Huntington Manor

Huntington Manor is a place of murder and betrayal.
Willow Taylor is writing an article in History about Huntington Manor.She is told to visit it but there is a myth that whoever goes in there dies, they get murdered by Tobias Huntington the son who was mistreat and caused the death of the Huntingtons. After Willow goes to the house strange things happen to her. Is someone trying to kill Willow? And will Willow be the one to save Tobias from not being loved?
This story is a mystery,a bit scary, fantasy and romance book.


15. Memory

‘Ring...a...ring...a....roses...a...pocket...full....of....poses! A...tissue....a...tissue...we....all...fall...down.......’

‘Again!’ Lady Jane shouted; she needed Elizabeth in top shape for Master Huntington. You see it was Master Huntington’s birthday in two days and he requested his beautiful daughter to sing for him.

Mistress, had already sang the song ten times, but her mother had insisted.  ‘It is Papa’s birthday and you shall sing for him. You do not want to upset Papa or I would you?’

So Elizabeth was stuck here singing Ring a Ring a roses. What a beastly song all about....Death. What a coincidence.

In two hours time; the family, not including Mr Huntington, were sat around the open fire. Flames slowly simmering into embers, a slight ticking of a grandfather clock, all was peaceful.

Lady Jane was doing her sewing, patching up a dress of Elizabeth’s.

Four days ago; Elizabeth had been playing in the meadow, just behind the manor, with her rag doll. Mistress was imagining up a tea party, when suddenly there was a huge rumble. Not thunder, there was no cloud in sight or rain. Rocks started to be thrown from different directions, some hitting Elizabeth in the side others behind her. Tobias.

She had run back to her Mama, when she tripped and ripped her petticoats and dress on the fence.

Another lashing for young Tobias. All the way through though he begged and told tall tales about how he was in the nursery.

Now as the last thread went through, Elizabeth’s voice made Lady Jane jump, the needle went straight into her finger and a pin pick of blood broke through the skin.

‘Mamma, am I allowed to open my presents?’



A shooting pain went up my leg, caused by yesterday’s events. I hoped the warm water would soothe the stinging sensation, but my leg still quivered at the touch.

Realizing nothing was going to change, I dried my hair and turned my computer on. I wanted to learn more about these Portrayers. Was Edward actually lying? Other something like this, could he just joke about it? But I trusted him, even though I have just met him. But he must trust me to tell me what that thing was yesterday.

It still made me shiver imaging that gaping hole and razor sharp teeth snapping down on my neck. A slight click would have finished my life. All I could dream about were them, but in my dream the blobs or Portrayers...well they had a family. I know that is what Edward said, that they can portray someone or thing at the slightest touch, but how I saw them yesterday the four of them they were a family. You could see the bond, when the father type figure vanished and was imprisoned in the small bottle...they wept for him. Well not all of them...just the two wept. The other, he just watched with a slight smile like he wanted this, this was his plan all along. I, myself, was upset at this image.

However, it is only a dream. Not real.

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