Murder at Huntington Manor

Huntington Manor is a place of murder and betrayal.
Willow Taylor is writing an article in History about Huntington Manor.She is told to visit it but there is a myth that whoever goes in there dies, they get murdered by Tobias Huntington the son who was mistreat and caused the death of the Huntingtons. After Willow goes to the house strange things happen to her. Is someone trying to kill Willow? And will Willow be the one to save Tobias from not being loved?
This story is a mystery,a bit scary, fantasy and romance book.


10. Memorial

‘Yes, you may wonder why we are having a school assembly,’ Mr Peterson, the head teacher, announced. His face was full of sorrow and he looked at the pupils with sad eyes. Izzy and I sat in the middle of the hall our heads down. Izzy had heard it on the news but I also informed her on my query. She said nothing on the subject just nodded. ‘Dear students, a great loss happened last night. I will not tell you the details you were all probably informed by the news and your peers. Mrs Briggs was a loving woman who did not deserve this. We lay flowers,’ he held a bouquet in his hands. ‘For the memory of a great loss. I would like to welcome her nephew, who will take the flowers.’ Poor Tim, he stood there looking at the bouquet, shaking from shock and nerves. His long blonde hair was tied back and he wore a striped jumper with smart trousers. He looked so different since the last time I saw him, no overalls, worries and no smile. I did not know he was related until this day, this made me more upset about the event. All the teachers stood at the sides of the hall, no sight of Mr Berry. 

Student’s heads were bowed as Tim collected the flowers and walked away with his mother and father.

‘Please, let’s prey.’ We bow ours heads in unison and prey.


‘Are you okay Izzy?’ Izzy hadn’t been right since the memorial assembly it looked like it had drawn the life out of her. Her eyes droop as she looks at me, and tears roll down her cheeks.

‘I just feel like, this could of happened to you. I left you at the shop, whilst I was out with Henry, and-and she died so close to you. Like if he was on the run he could of...he could of-

‘Shh, Izzy stop thinking about it. It is what happens but it couldn’t of have happened to me I had a crow bar,’ I tried to raise the mood but she looked at me sadly. ‘Stop worrying and just think she is now resting with her husband.’

Mr Briggs had died five years ago, it was still a bit sore for the family and it had a huge effect on Mrs Briggs. Mr Briggs used to be the head teacher here, which is where they met. Mr Briggs died of a terminal illness, but Mrs Briggs carried on working here. Ever since that fatal time, she got harsher and harsher. People did not dare go up to her, the day she passed away though...I felt so bad. I was there that day and I made her annoyed. When I told Mr Berry he...he got really angry and said he will sort it out. This must have something to do with him, it just fitted. But why hadn’t he done it sooner rather than later.

‘Right go to page 24, we are going to be talking about witchcraft.’ A young man, about in his early twenties stood at the front of the class. He had brown floppy hair which just reached his shoulders; he was very tall, maybe 6ft. We obeyed.

‘Excuse me sir,’ a voice came from the back. ‘We are learning about Huntington Manor.’

‘Yes I know, but your previous teacher asked me to do the subject on witchcraft.’

The boy at the back of the class went silent. ‘Right, hello everyone I am Mr Dane. I will be your supply for today and a bit of next week while your teacher is on holiday.’ Mr Dane looked at each student as he said this, his eyes then reached mine. Shock was in them, like he had seen me before or wasn’t expecting me. He didn’t look away when he told the class what to do. I felt uncomfortable; I didn’t know where to look. In his eyes or elsewhere, had anyone else notice him staring?

‘Sir.’ A girl from the back beckoned him; I sighed with relief as he unlatched his eyes and went to the girl at the back.

Turning to Izzy she seemed unfazed by the moment. ‘Izzy did you see him staring, he looked right at me.’ She looked puzzled.

‘No, he was looking at the whole class, not once did he look this way.’ What I could not have imagined that. He looked right into my eyes, for what felt like hours. How can no one have seen?

The chapter was quite interesting actually, it told us about black and white magic. Early witches that got burned on the stake or were hanged. Soon, the bell went letting us leave for the weekend.

Mr Dane quickly added. ‘I hope you have a good weekend.’ He then looked right into my eyes.

Be careful. A voice, a voice whispered in my head. Unless I was imaging it I was sure it was coming from Mr Dane, but he did not move a lip.


Back at the manor:

‘She was here today Tobias, you were right. I saw her with my own eyes.’ A tall man with brown shaggy hair stood in front of the young Tobias.

‘I told you, so that means you will help me?’ Tobias wringed his hands, even though he trusted his friend, sometimes though he thought Edward to be a ungrateful little-

‘Of course, my brother I will help. Now I know it is the truth not a fluke.’ Relief settled in Tobias, as long as he knew she was safe from him that was what he was more bothered about. Of course he would love to meet her and whisk her away. But he would never let her in the house again, now that he knows who she is.

‘Thank you, you need to keep her safe from him. He knows who she is now; he was close to killing her.’ He saw the appreciation in his friend’s eyes, they hugged and Edward left, leaving Tobias by himself yet again.

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