Murder at Huntington Manor

Huntington Manor is a place of murder and betrayal.
Willow Taylor is writing an article in History about Huntington Manor.She is told to visit it but there is a myth that whoever goes in there dies, they get murdered by Tobias Huntington the son who was mistreat and caused the death of the Huntingtons. After Willow goes to the house strange things happen to her. Is someone trying to kill Willow? And will Willow be the one to save Tobias from not being loved?
This story is a mystery,a bit scary, fantasy and romance book.


19. Falling


No one dared speak to break the pause. Not even the boisterous crowd in the back, they were scared. Everyone was scared.

I was scared.

I am surprised no one could hear my beating heart. Mr Dane, who was still perched on his desk, looked from one pupil to another. A look of understanding in his wise eyes. A slight nod in my direction, before he stood up.

‘Do not worry my friends, you are all safe. Please enjoy your day and do not dwell too much on my stories.’ Mr Dane, started to look a bit panicky, like he should not have said anything.


A crash of thunder and the heavens bled out of their open wounds. Groans echoed in the room, indicating that everyone was out of their trance. Not me though.

All of this...just felt very suspicious, this-this sorcerer. What is the link to our area? Who is that poor relative?


Izzy dropped me off outside my house. The drive home was brief, Izzy was still in shock...and I having deep thoughts.

The answer to this felt so close. I could just clasp it in my hands. It is that easy.

But my small, fickle brain won’t think. What is the answer?

My computer flashed on, I doubt there will be no electricity because of the storm.

Nope, no luck.

Library, it is then. Unfortunately, Izzy was at one of her practices and my parents were at work. So I started my trek into the monsoon.

Hardly any people were on the streets, I don’t blame them. From the time I came out the house to the end of my street, my underwear was soaked through. Each step was painful, but I can’t give up...not now.

The local library was in the main square of town, about a ten minute walk from my house. It was a old building, one of the traditional buildings in town. Columns made out of marble guarded the precious artefacts from the outside. A huge dome was placed in the middle of the roof. Birds had marked their territory but you could still see the pale blue of the stained glass.

Where to start?

There were so many books. Rows and rows....

I loved to come here when I was younger. A children section was in the far right corner of the room. Scattered on the floor were beanbags and puppets. A lady used to sit on the chair, in front of her little crowd. Reading the story, using the puppets to perform the characters. Some were dressed in dresses others in smart little suits. It was very entertaining for a young mind.

A stern man sat at the reception, he had silver circular glasses. His nose was crooked and his forehead creased. I reached his desk; it took him a while to look up at me. When he did though he let out a long sigh.

‘What do you want?’ No ‘hello’ no ‘how can I help. No just a pathetic attempt at doing his job.

‘Erm... I was wondering if you have any books on famous sorcerers.’

Another long sigh. ‘Yes, look over there’ he pointed a frail finger towards one of the rows. ‘Look in that row there should be some, if there isn’t you will have to find them yourself.’ He looked back down at the book he was reading. Probably ‘How to be rude and bad at your job.’

There were hardly any signs on which section was which, so I started to pull one book after another out.

A few books sounded like it would give me the answer but after a quick read it give me nothing.

Just as I was about to give up, I saw one book that looked quite old. May as well give it a go. The cover was bound together with rough brown leather. It was shrivelled from age, but you could still tell what the title was. ‘Sorcery over the ages.’

I was about to leave the dark corridor when a figure approached me. It was a small figure just a bit taller than me.

Mr Berry.

‘Hello Willow, fancy seeing you here.’ As he smiled I could tell he wished he hadn’t seen me. Scratches and cuts were embedded on his cheeks. God! What type of holiday was that?

‘Hi Sir, did you enjoy your holiday?’ I wish he wasn’t back, that means Mr Dane won’t be our teacher...and...that means I need to give the project in which I haven’t finished.

‘Peachy, how’s school been without me?’

‘It has been good,’ he frowned a little. ‘I mean we missed you but we had a good supply teacher.’

‘Oh really who?’

‘Mr Dane, Edward Dane. He is a good teacher; he has been teaching us Black Magic.’ Mr Berry’s face dropped, like he has just seen a ghost. ‘Are you okay sir?’

Finally snapping out of it, he started to edge towards the exit. ‘Okay, I am going now see you at school.’ Just like that he was gone.

Shaking my head I make my way back to the stern man, but he is not there. Actually hardly anyone was here; at least ten people were in here now it just looks like me. Tapping my foot it felt like ten minutes I waited for the man to come. I may as well just leave.

As I was about to put the book back on the shelf, a wisp of smoke passed my ear. Strange, looking around...I see nothing.

Another wisp, then a puff...then a cloud. What is happening?

The smoke starts to come in a huge blanket, it stings my eyes. My lungs are fighting against the carbon monoxide trying to get in my body.

Squinting my eyes, I see no exit just a wall of fire. Red, orange...yellow. Black.

Where are the alarms? What about the fire fighters? Anyone.

There were two decisions, risk it waiting for the fire men. Or climb up the dome and see if there are any windows. Second.

A large staircase is in the middle of the room taking you to the second floor. This is where all the computers are. You can just see where the fire started, near the main entrance. This is where the most damage is. Whoever, if it was deliberate, started it thought it through well. But why?

All the doors were locked, I started to lose hope. A steel ladder, which looked very un- sturdy, was hooked to the back wall. The dome came closer and closer as I climbed further up the ladder. A ledge swirled around the dome forming a circle.

‘Don’t look down, don’t look down.’

The air up here was better; my lungs went back to its usual pace. All of the ground floor was covered in grey smoke; you could see no books in sight. What a shame. I still had the sorcery book in my hand. At the time I was so lost in my thoughts I forgot to put the book down. It does not matter now, safety does. Then I will run. Run as fast as I can home.

Reaching the top there was only one window, right in the centre. It will be a tight squeeze but I think I can make it. The window was stiff, years since it was open. In fact I bet it never was open. Fresh, glorious air gushes into the library. How glad I am to feel the bitter cold wind again.

Looking down once more, tendrils of smoke start to slither towards me. A smile of triumph as I pull myself through the little window.

Outside, there are fire engines police cars. Everything. A group of nosy people stand behind the police tape. A scream and a shout.

‘My daughter! Willow!’ My whole family are in that crowd. I imagine my mum running around as pale as a ghost.

It then dawns on me, how can I get down. Fire fighters start on the growing fire. Police men are shouting orders at the rowdy crowd.

I am crouching; I decide to crawl down until I get to one of the ledges. Luckily the building isn’t that big. A trampoline is placed beneath the blazing building.

Holding my breath, I get to my feet. One step...two steps. I am nearly there, just another ste-

I am falling and falling. When will I STOP!

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