Professor Layton and the Wounded Past


10. The Search for Two Young Men

As the morning dawned, the early-morning sun crept through the out-dated curtains of Pond's headquarters. Layton had, had a restless sleep and was surprised that Luke hadn't woken him up - he had, of course, overslept. He rubbed his eyes and sat up. But something wasn't quite right. Luke. Where was he? The Professor grabbed his hat and coat, no other clothes were needed as he was already in full dress - just in case an emergency, just like this one, arose.

When Emmy opened the door of her room, in response to the banging, she found a panic-stricken and out of breath, Professor. By now, she could already sense that something was wrong. But before she could enquire Layton said in urgency, "Grab your coat, Luke's gone missing!"

They searched through back alleys and buildings; the boy was no where to be found. And then they heard it. A child's shout. The ran to the direction of the shout, which led them to a dark and abandoned building. The doors were unlocked so they stepped inside to find Luke, and to Layton's surprise, a young Randall. They both looked weak and drained, so Emmy and Hershel ran to untie them. Just as they were doing so, light footsteps approached the small group. Layton was already on top of things, "Catherine," he sighed, "Why are you doing this?"

"A simple answer, to get rid of you!" she replied in a mocking tone.

"You know Catherine," said Hershel, "You remind me of someone." Catherine sounded exasperated, "Who? Your mother, your housekeeper!" she shouted.

"No," he said calmly, "Don Paolo!" And with that a hand crept up 'Catherine's' neck and pulled yet another mask from the owner's face. There, under the collection of masks, was Don Paolo, the evil genius that tried to kill them, while they were saving Flora from Misthallery. A sly laugh escaped from his lips, "You have caught on well, Professor." But in a flash, he had grabbed Randall and put a pistol to his head. "With Randall gone, there will be know one to stop me or the Boss! The world will be completely helpless!" Emmy couldn't hold on any longer, she ran right up to Paolo's face and attempted to throw a punch right to his stomach. But he was too fast and Emmy was on the floor groaning, in a blink.

Without being held up a second longer, Don Paolo began to drag Randall down the road and back to Pond's, but without any thought required Luke ran up to Don Paolo, realised that he was half his size and buckled his knees. Luke grabbed the gun from Don Paolo's twisted hand and pointed it to Paolo's head. "Randall!" he yelled, "Get the police!" In the background the Professor and Emmy were gobsmacked. Who would've thought that a boy, Luke's age, could take down the world's dangerous criminal.

With Paolo being led by the police, the gang followed him down the driveway of the building. Layton let Emmy and Luke go on ahead. He felt a buzz coming from his pocket, so he pulled his phone out and read the message that had been sent from an unknown number. "We will meet again, Professor. The Boss." Thoughts filled his head but he chose to let them pass, just for know. So he caught up with his friends and acted as if nothing had happened...

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