Professor Layton and the Wounded Past


2. The Letter and The Writer

Hershel quickly grabbed all of his required belongings, and he and Emmy headed for the Laytonmobile. On their way, they made a familiar turn into the Triton territory to pick up the Professor's, much-loved, apprentice. As Layton knocked on the large, wooden door, a child-like voice shouted, "Don't worry Father, I'll get the door!" Luke seemed that he had been expecting them as he had is small, brown satchel hanging from his shoulder and his blue hat perched upon his head. "Ready for another mystery, Luke?" asked the Professor.

"I sure am, Professor! Where are we headed this time?" replied Luke. By the look on his face, Luke knew that the Professor wasn't entirely sure but all the same he said "I'll explain on the way." With Layton and Emmy in the front and Luke in the back, Emmy and Layton began to explain the mysterious happening s that had happened earlier that morning. Emmy handed Luke the browned letter and Luke began to read:


By the time you read this, the time that we live in will already have been severely wounded. There's a lot to explain in too little time. Meet me at the town square at 12pm sharp. Until then...

Luke glanced at his watch, it was already 11:45. He had about a gazillion questions but he wasn't sure where to start. "So what does it all mean, Professor?" he started with.

All Hershel replied with was "To be honest Luke, I really don't know."


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