Professor Layton and the Wounded Past


9. The Hidden Man

When Luke got up, he glanced over at Hershel who was sound asleep. Luke quickly dressed and crept over to the doorway. Layton stirred and Luke stopped in his tracks. But all fell silent once again, so he slipped through the doorway as if he were a ghost. There was no one on the streets, after all it was just past 10:45. He had plenty of time, just enough time to find the library and explore the village. He walked cautiously through every winding alley, road and pathway - in search of some answers. As Luke rounded a corner he came to a sign that said 'Library.' So without anymore waiting around, he made his way up to the Library entrance.

There were no lights on inside the enormous building, which probably suggested that it was closed. Luke turned around and started to make his way back to Pond's headquarters, feeling mistaken and slightly embarrassed. But as he came to the sign he had just passed on the way in, a voice called his name. Luke virtually jumped around to see a shifting figure in the shadows. Slowly and carefully, the boy made his way towards the figure, who was walking towards Luke. They met at the entrance of the Library, and the figure pulled down his coat collar. A red-headed teenager, with a hint of acne, appeared from behind the slightly ragged coat. "Luke," he said breathlessly. "You, the Professor and Emmy are in great danger. You must leave now!"

A sudden epiphany dawned on Luke, a gasped escaped from his lips. "Randall--" he breathed, "What are you doing here? You're not suppose to exist!"

"I know, I'm being held prisoner by someone who wants to ruin Layton. I need you to understand something - you need to get you and the professor out of this city, out of this time even!"

Just as Randall began to explain, someone grabbed Luke and stuffed once another rag over his mouth. 'They sure liked to use sleeping gas,' he thought as he was dragged into the abyss of white.

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