Professor Layton and the Wounded Past


8. Notes on a Pathway

After they had asked about two handfuls of people about peculiar happenings they sat in some shade, under a tree, with disappointment looming over each of their faces. Emmy sat up, "Nothing!" she said. "No one has noticed a thing!" As Emmy was stating her feelings, Luke noticed something strange. A red-headed man, with an upturned collar, walked straight through the street they were facing. He stopped in the middle of the road and dropped something out of his pocket. As he was doing this he gave a quick glance in Luke's direction and made eye-contact with the curious boy. "Professor--" he started.

"Please, Luke not now I need some time to think." replied Layton with a pleading look in his eyes. Luke sighed "Well, I'm just going over there." He wasn't surprised that Layton hadn't answered. He had gone into one of his moments, this was where he didn't speak for hours, days sometimes. All he did was think.

So the young boy scuttled off to where the mysterious man had dropped the note. The street was mobbed. As Luke bent down to pick up the small piece of paper, he almost got tripped over twice, he was so small. Eventually, he was able to get up and open the note. This was what it said:

Young Luke, meet me outside the library at11pm. I will explain everything. Tell no one and come alone.

He stuffed the note into his satchel and made his way back to the Professor and Emmy, ready to make their way back to Pond's.

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