Professor Layton and the Wounded Past


6. Familiar Surroundings

Completely overwhelmed by the events that had just happened, Hershel took a step back to view his birthplace. "Well," he said, "Not a lot has changed since I've been here." To Luke and Emmy's surprise their well-known friend sounded much older than they had considered. "Well Professor, nothing would've changed because you are in fact still here - but as your 17-year-old self." Luke explained. All Layton could manage was a small grunt. At that moment Emmy came up with a plan, "Why don't we ask the residents if they have noticed anything out of the ordinary recently?" she suggested. Putting all of his personal feelings behind, Hershel found his voice and said, "Yes, that would be a good starting point."

With Luke leading the way, all three of them made their way down the main road of Stansbury. As they were walking, Layton wondered about who could have virtually deleted Randall from existence. The puzzle baffled him, so instead, he took his mind off things by mentally having a go at one of his own mind-bogglers that he had thought of a few days earlier. Little did the trio know that a hooded, suspicious figure was following them from the shadows.

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