Professor Layton and the Wounded Past


5. Early Explanations

All four of them sat at a round table with a warm drink in each of their hands. "So why are we here?" Luke asked. Catherine sighed, "Well, we're here in Stansbury in 1991, when we were 17 years old." A gasp escaped from Layton's lips, "B-b-but how?!" He stuttered, unable to get over the facts that he'd just heard. "You know, the time machine that took the mayor of London a few years ago? We managed to get the blue prints and build our own."

"Catherine you do know that the mayor didn't actually go into the future, it was just a trap?" Layton explained. But to Hershel's surprise Catherine nodded and began to explain. "We have some of the most advanced scientists, here at Pond's--"

"Wait, what's Pond's" Emmy interrupted. The rest of them had completely forgot that she was there, she'd been so quiet. But in fact she had been pondering over the happenings of the past few hours, or years in this case. "Pond's is our organisation set in the years of the past. We have locations in the Tudor era, World War II, Industrial Revolution, etcetera. Anyway, our scientists managed to crack the code of time and build us a time machine." Layton looked reluctant, a few years ago the same thing had happened, but in the future, which led to Luke and the Professor to be in danger. "You don't look so convinced," said Catherine, so she led all three of them outside. The sunlight almost blinded them. Squinting, they managed to see the surroundings. To Layton this was most definitely Stansbury.

Layton turned to Catherine, "So, if you don't mind me asking, what are we doing here?" Catherine sighed and replied, "Someone has messed up the vital calculations of the past. You know Randall, you're best friend? Well now, according to the past he was never born. So right now you haven't been introduced to Archaeology yet."

"But without the Professor", Luke blurted, "and his knowledge of archaeology, the most feared villains will be free to roam and cause chaos!" With his faraway thoughts of his loved and honoured friend, Randall, the Professor looked up and said "Yes, yes they will."

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