Professor Layton and the Wounded Past


3. Back to the Past

They arrived at the town square at 11:56, just in time. The Professor cautiously parked in a space nearest to the square so that they could watch from the safety of the Laytonmobile. At exactly 12pm a small, rickety old lady walked up to the water fountain, at the centre of the town square. Layton unlocked the doors and all three of them got out of the car. With Luke and Emmy trailing behind, Hershel slowly made his way up to the woman. "Excuse me," he asked, "but are you the person that wrote this letter?" As he said this, Layton passed the letter into the woman's bony fingers. Without saying a word she nodded and gestured that they follow her. They went at a relatively slow pace with the mysterious woman leading the way. She lead them to  a dark and dingy alleyway, with bags of rubbish scattered everywhere. When they had reached the end of the alley, the lady turned round and looked at the Professor and his companions. The corner of her mouth lifted, just as three men, in dishevelled clothes leapt out from the darkest corners of the alley. They grabbed all three of them and shoved a strong-smelling cloth in front of each of the mouths and noses. Luke was the first to fall, quickly followed by Emmy. As Layton's eyes began to shut he saw the supposed old woman pull of her mask, but he fell unconscious before he could see who was under it.  

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