Professor Layton and the Wounded Past


4. An Old Friend

Layton groaned as his eyes slowly opened. They felt so heavy that there could have been weights on his eyelids and they wouldn't have felt any different. When he had finally got to his senses, Hershel looked around the room. He was alone. All Layton could remember was the supposed, old woman taking off her mask, but he must have passed out before she was revealed. Just as he began to think who could lie behind the mask, a door at one end of the empty room, creaked open. A tall, brown-haired woman stepped through the doorway and walked towards him. Hershel recognised her immediately as an old school-friend. "Catherine?" he croaked. Catherine put a single finger up to her lips, signalling that he saved his breath. "You've changed, Hershel," she remarked as she slowly walked around the chair he was slumped in. "I could say the same to you," Layton replied, ignoring Catherine's earlier request to save his breath.

Catherine finally untied the ropes that were holding his limbs together, which sent a painful surge of pins and needles right through his body. As he flexed his arms and legs, a thought dawned on him. 'Where was Emmy and Luke?' He told himself not to worry because he knew that they could look after themselves, but he let the curiosity overtake him. "Where are Emmy and Luke?" the Professor demanded. "All in good time," Catherine said with a playful smile on her lips. Layton scowled, he remembered Catherine as a sly teenager, who liked to be mysterious and keep people guessing. He could tell she had the same personality.

Together, they walked down a grey and winding corridor that seemed to never end. They finally came to another door with the same grey exterior. Layton pushed open the door and there in a corner was a bedraggled Emmy and a worn-out Luke. It looked like they had just come to, but as soon as they saw the Professor they both ran to his side. Both Emmy and Luke had a puzzled look upon their face. "Don't panic," Hershel said "I will explain everything later," Even though he had no idea what was going on himself.

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