Professor Layton and the Wounded Past


7. A Hooded Figure

From the hooded figure's point of view, the Professor, his sidekick and his apprentice, seemed to be following the wrong track. Everything was all going accordingly to plan! With no further a do, the hooded figure left the dark and dingy alleyway and began to resume the following of the Professor. They seemed to be making their way down to the local school, but little did they know that they wouldn't find anything there. The hooded figure was satisfied that Layton wouldn't find any clues as to who had sabotaged his childhood, so he/she made their way back to their boss' headquarters.

The gigantic, wooden door made a sickening screech as the hooded figure stepped over the threshold. The all-important boss turned to face the figure that was standing in the door way. "I've been expecting you, my dear" he said. The figure took down her hood and proceeded to the chair that sat on the other side of the desk, to her boss. "Any news, on Hershel Layton?" There was no light in the ginormous room, except for a dwindling flame that came from a small and well-used candle. The flickering of the light made the room even more eerie that it already was. "Yes, sir," The woman replied, "They seem to be making their way down to the school on the other side of the town. I don't think they'll be bothering us any time soon; we might as well get on with our tasks."

The boss leant forward so that his whole face lit up by the candle's flickering flame. "Not just yet, my dear. I need to make a few more observations before we start anything we regret. Now leave me be, I need to take to our new little visitor." With that, he sauntered out of the room and into an equally dark corridor. The door slammed behind him, leaving the mysterious woman to her own company.

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