True Love - Liam & Louis

Liam and Louis find true love <3


3. Chapter 3

&quot;Lou?&quot; Liam said as he slowly opened the door Louis' room. Louis was curled up in a corner beside his bed, tears streaming down his face. &quot;Louis!&quot; Liam gasped as he ran over to him. Louis mumbled something as Liam took him by the shoulders and led him to his bed. &quot;Now tell me Louis, what's wrong?&quot; Liam said putting on his stern voice. He only ever needed that tone when he was sorting out fights between the boys. &quot;Nothing&quot; Louis groaned. &quot;No there's something that's bothering you. Now spill.&quot; Liam said firmly. Louis stared at Liam, he looked into his eyes and felt reassured. &quot;Well&quot; he started. &quot;Yeah?&quot; Liam said as he cupped Louis hand in his own. Louis looked startled but smiled and continued, &quot;For the past few weeks I've been feeling like I've made a big mistake&quot;. &quot;A big mistake?&quot; Liam questioned. &quot;Yeah.&quot; Louis replied and carried on. &quot;Like with Eleanor, I feel like I'm not the same when I'm around her. I have to force a smile on my face, I have to pretend I'm happy when the paps are around, I've never really experienced true love or had a proper kiss. &quot; with that Louis fell silent. His head hung low. Liam couldn't bear it. He couldn't bear the pain of Louis. He slowly grabbed Louis' chin and tilted it to face him. He leaned in and gave him a small peck on the lips. When he left them Louis had a shocked expression. &quot;Liam?&quot; A voice called from the hallway. The two boys broke apart. Danielle made her way through the door and Liam rushed over to her side. He gave her and hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. Louis' chest tightened. He felt sick. He needed some time on his own.
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