True Love - Liam & Louis

Liam and Louis find true love <3


2. Chapter 2

"Louis!" Eleanor squealed as he approached her, outside Starbucks. "Hey El" Louis said quietly. "Lou, honey what's wrong?" Eleanor said grabbing his arm. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine" Louis lied. "Are you tired? Is it the Larry rumours? Is it the paparazzi? Is it the touring?" Eleanor fired. "IM FINE OKAY? Just stop asking me so many questions. I just need some time on my own. Just leave me alone okay?" Louis shouted. Eleanor looked hurt. She held back her tears and swallowed. "Fine" she croaked and walked quickly out of the Starbucks hoping no one saw the incident.  Louis swung open the door of his apartment. The boys looked at him, as he stormed off to his room. "Leave it to Daddy Payne" Liam sighed as he went and followed Louis. 
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