True Love - Liam & Louis

Liam and Louis find true love <3


1. Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Follow My Twitter (@Payne_Of_Styles) :)  Louis stared in the mirror. He was getting ready for his date with Eleanor after ages. As he put his brush down he sighed, it was probably just the usual Starbucks day out. In the few weeks with the touring and promoting Louis hadn't really spoken to Eleanor much and felt he was distancing from her. Especially with all the fans, paparazzi and rumours, he was finding it hard to have the same relationship they had when Harry first set them up. There wasn't any fault in Eleanor, she was beautiful. It was just something else, something he couldn't place a finger on. His phone rang interrupting his thoughts. "Hello?" he answered not knowing who was on the other side of the phone.  Liam smiled and answered "Hey Lou" Louis blinked it was Liam just the guy to talk to. "Liam I'm glad you called I needed help with something" Louis said a smile in his voice. "Sure thing I'm always here for you guys, meet me after your date with El though" Liam replied. Louis felt his heart sink at the mention of Eleanor he didn't know why but it just did. "Um. Yeah." He mumbled. "Oh before I forget" Liam exclaimed. "I have some great news! Payzer's back!" Liam shouted excitedly. "Really? I'm so glad. Dani was great company" Louis answered. He didn't feel as happy as he should have been. "Well anyways have fun on your date with El I need to run off now take care" Liam said and cut the line. Louis stared at his phone for a while. He sighed and walked down the stairs, to his date with Eleanor. 
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