How many more seconds of trouble

A sweet innocent girl named rose is left alone in the world but with step brothers Bea,Jai and Luke brooks there nothing more then friends one day Rose meets A guy named Greyson Chance they develop a great friendship when Greyson is about to ask her to be his girlfriend rose bumps into who may ruin Greyson and Roses relationship a guy called Justin Bieber


1. With my luck

How Many More Seconds Of Struggle chapter 1 

" be quiet" I hear my mum screaming at my farther they always shout its come to the point where if they don't fight I get worried  I hate how they are always mad at each other they used to be fine back when I was in year 1 oh those great times now I don't even go to school I'm eleven living a horrible life "rose get down here" I hear my father shouting from down stairs "coming" I whispered so they would barley hear me I ran down the stairs to find my father and mother staring at me " rose i'm so sorry but me and your farther can't do this anymore were getting a divorce today night don't worry we both will still live here but maybe we won't be the same couple" my mum said in a soft voice " yes rose you may have a step mum or a step dad but that won't matter" my father spoke very confidently wow I wasn't expecting that tears ran down my cheeks and I ran up stairs pintching myself hoping it was a dream and i was going to wake up but I never did 
5 years later 
My mum and dad were right I was going to get a step dad and I did get a step mom my parents both left me alone to live in the same house I had lived all my life but with some new
people I live with my step brothers from my dads side the eldest is called Beau Brooks and is 21  and of course the twins jai  and luke brooks are 18 I still remember my mums voice before she left to live with her boyfriend "sweetie don't worry I'll send you money and visit you every day" wow biggest lie never did she come or send me money I work as a baby siter I get paid $50 per child wow I'm 16 and don't even go to school  that's because  my parents never thought school was important but I know how to read and write because I used to go to school until year two or was it year one I'm not sure i hear my phone ring interrupting my thoughts hello I answer the phone the lady on the phone said "yes my names Emily and I will like you to baby sit my son Greyson" "oh sure how old and that would be $50" I replied "Greyson is 16 and my address is ................. " I almost cracked up laughing 16 ? "Ok mam ill be right there bye" I spoke trying to hold back my laugh "bye" the lady said before hanging up , i looked at the address I noted from the  lady I looked at it closely no way the house was next door I walk outside and walk up to the veranda out side of there house the door was open so I could hear people "mum I'm 16 why don't you trust me I'm way to old for baby sitting please cal her or him and cancel " " no she will take care of you until 5:00am I'm going to be out of the house bye" I see the mother coming my way so i rang the door bell "coming" I hear her say "so how long will I have to be here" I asked "around five in the morning where do you live"she asked me "I live next door" I reply "oh great so you can stay till 8 then ill pay you extra because I know that's a long time" she rushed out of her mouth before leaving  so "hi" I said wakling in to find a guy siting on the couch "hi" he replied  I stood there akwardly until I herd him say "so may I have a name"  "sure my name is Rose Chance and may I have your name" I replied "wait did you say chance?"he asked really concerned "yeah I did" I answered back "oh then I'm pleased to meet you I'm mr chance no joke my  name is Greyson Chance"he said like he wasn't joking around  "well then what school are you going to go to" I asked "Ukaladona high what about you?"he asked me a question that I didn't have an answer to "umm I don't go school but I'm thinking about it"I replied quite shilly "don't your parents kill you if you don't go" he asked willing for an answer "umm I-I-I" I started to tear up and he came and brought me into a hug "don't cry I'm here hey look at me" he said holding up my chin so I looked him in the eyes and noticed his beautiful brown eyes "now love tell me what's wrong" he said calmly he sat down and sat me in his lap I replied to his question

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