How many more seconds of trouble

A sweet innocent girl named rose is left alone in the world but with step brothers Bea,Jai and Luke brooks there nothing more then friends one day Rose meets A guy named Greyson Chance they develop a great friendship when Greyson is about to ask her to be his girlfriend rose bumps into who may ruin Greyson and Roses relationship a guy called Justin Bieber


5. Tears

Justin's POV

i was meeting some fans on the street and I got a call from Luke. That's odd the conversation went like this

luke- hey 

Justin- hey? 

Luke- I don't know how to say this so I'm just gonna say it Lilly's gone 

Justin- no your kidding 

luke- I wish I was 

justin- shit is rose okay?

Luke- that's why I called you she's been in her room since yesterday I don't know if she's okay I've tried braking the door but it won't budge 

justin- I'm comming 

End of phone 

crap my girlfriend rose is not doing good what am I meant to do?

i didn't need more time to think before I was at the airport landing in Oklahoma I grabbed my suitcase and looked for paparazzi and they were everywhere crap. I just ran out and ran to roses house probaly not the best option they were following me but they were to late haha I opened the the door to the house with my spare keys and shit the door behind me

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