How many more seconds of trouble

A sweet innocent girl named rose is left alone in the world but with step brothers Bea,Jai and Luke brooks there nothing more then friends one day Rose meets A guy named Greyson Chance they develop a great friendship when Greyson is about to ask her to be his girlfriend rose bumps into who may ruin Greyson and Roses relationship a guy called Justin Bieber


3. How Would You Know

Roses POV

i feel asleep halfway through the movie whoops wait didn't Greyson stay overnight?  im sure he did but where is he now? his backpack wasn't there so I'm guessing he left that's nice of him i hear a creak from down stairs holy crap i grab my cricket bat and slowly made my way across the narrow walkway to the stairs i jumped out from the corner and swung my cricket bat right on someones back.

 'Oh my god I'm so sorry are you okay i really didn't know it was you'' I said as i caught sight of Greyson's face.

I  was meant to be baby sitting him not swinging cricket bats at him

"yeah fine how ya doing?'' he said as he put a smirk on his face and winked.  I just cracked up laughing.

''what the hell?" I manged to get out of my mouth in between laughs

''Hey how come when ever your'e laughing one of us is on the floor?" he said before cracking up with me

''Hey what are you two doing up its like one thirty in the morning rose i know you like waking up early but one thirty really?'' I hear Luke shouting from upstairs.

''Um Luke why are you up its like five in the morning'' I shouted so he could briefly hear me but when he shouted back down i was pretty sure he woke the whole house up

''No its not didn't you hear me 1:30 or am I not that clear for you to hear me?'' 

''Hey so i think we should just go upstairs and talk there cause I'm pretty sure Beau and Jai are like oh my god shut up!'' Greyson whispered I stopped listening after he said Beau and Jai how does he know who they are?

''um Greyson how do you know who Jai and Beau are?'' I whispered. 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------sorry for the cliffy i just had to do that and im really sorry for the  chapter 2 it was a little mix up i tried to fix it but it didnt work thank for putting up with me and this story  just began although there is a massive problem comming up

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