Summer Love

Summer, the perfect time of the year. Especially when searching for love. Which is exactly what Macy is doing. But will it be ruined or saved?


1. Summer Break!

   Finally summer break! Macy was the most excited, she was going to the beach for her vacation and had always wanted to meet her true love there. She raced home to put her bags in the car. "Mom, dad, let's go!" They hadn't known about the love quest for the beach, just that she loves it. They finally made it to the airport, 'Ok Macy, you will find your love this summer, if not then you've already found it. You just haven't realized it yet.' she thought. "Macy, Macy, wake up, we're here," her mom urging her to awaken from the plane nap. Macy jumped up to run to get her bag. The quicker they get to the condo, the quicker she will get to the beach, or the mall, or anywhere you can find love.

   "How nice is this place?" her dad was in love with the place. But Macy could care less, she decided to chill and unpack. Maybe that would get her mind off of it. "If you look for love, then you may never find it. You have to let it come to you." she was a junior and hadn't dated a guy since the eigth grade. And she was sick of being alone. She walked into the livingroom to find her parents on the balacony, arms wrapped around each others waist. "Remember that spot?" they had met here, found true love. That's just how she wanted it, perfect spot, true love, everything.

   That next morning, she threw on her suit and grabbed her board. She had to get her mind off of the whole love situation. And surfing was just the answer. After about fifteen minutes of surfing by herself, another had shown up. "Nice moves," it was a guy, and a hot one at that. Macy couldn't speak, not even a peep would come out. He was muscular, nice smile, pretty eyes,extremeley funny, and just perfect. She flashed a grin and finally talked. "Thanks, but I'm probably not as good as you." Macy knew what she was doing. He paddled a little closer and flashed her a flirtier grin. "Is that a challenge?" She knew excatly what he was doing too. They started to swim a little farther out with the better waves. They spent the rest of the day on the beach, until his parents called. "I have to go..." but while he was talking she started to realize it. 'I'm falling in love!' "So what's your name?" he turned around and she was gone.

   Macy figured that if he found love at first sight, then he would find her and never let her go. She texted her best friend, Nina, to tell her about the good news. Nina didn't get why she left until Macy explained it all. Then she finally understood it all. She fell asleep with a smile on her face and woke up with a bigger one. 'This is going to be the perfect vacation', she thought happily.

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