Summer Love

Summer, the perfect time of the year. Especially when searching for love. Which is exactly what Macy is doing. But will it be ruined or saved?


2. Finding My Love

   Macy decided this morning was not the morning to go surfing. She wasn't feeling as entergetic as she was yesterday. "Ok bye Nina", she was just discussing yesterday with Nina, again. Macy hoped that if she was to lay down and tan she could hopefully see the mysterious man once again. She layed tanning for twenty minutes and as she was about to leave, he walked up. Macy was so excitied that she want to run around and scream to the top of her lungs. "Hey, I was gonna ask for your name yesterday, but when I turned around you were gone." She felt so stupid. 'He wanted to know who I was and I left'. But then she realized he did love her. She had to say it, "You decided to look for me?" She was praying inside that he would say yes. Macy, poor Macy, had a smile from ear to ear, and a face redder than a tomato. "Yeah, that's what happens when you find love at first sight. Isn't it?" he knew exaclty what to say. Macy's heart was beating faster and faster. She looked him in the eyes and nodded, they started to walk down the beach talking about random, but hilarious things about eachother.

   "Okay, this time before you go, can you tell me your name?" She took out a notepad and pen and wrote: Macy with a heart and then her number. He started to bite his bottom lip which she found extremley hot. They hugged and left. She ran into the condo so excited that it was hard for her to eat. Macy could not wait until after dinner so she could text Nina everything!

    She had the best dream that night of them being shipped. Yeah, creepy, I know. But that's what happens when you fall in love.

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