Runaway Love

Stella and Justin have to runaway to Stay together..


1. Our love..

Hi my names Stella i am 16 years old and live in Canada Stratford,

I am currentenly taken by the most amazing guy in the world named

Justin Drew Bieber, one day i hope to take his

last name ;). Life isn't going to well since Justin's Father

and my step father hate each which means he hates everything to do

with the bieber family, my relationship with Justin in private

since we don't want them finding out. But this is all about the journey of my life.



“They use to be friends in high school,” he said kissing me on the check.

“What happen with them Justin” I said lying my head on his chest.

“Well all my father told me was that my father and your step father had a fight over some chick.”

“Justin what do we do I could get caught and he might fucking kill me or something or even worst kil..”

He grabbed my face shutting me up by kissing me passionately…

“You know that’s not going to happen right.”

“What if we have to break up?”

“Princess, I’d do anything just to be with you, you know that.”

“Even take a bullet for me.”

“Yes, even take a bullet for you.”

“Justin we need to break up.”

“What.” He said giving a confused look.

“Justin if my step father did ever kill you, my life would be over I don’t need that in my life.” I got up starting to tear up and walked out.

“Princess, I am sorry.” His said walking into the kitchen wrapping his arms around my waist “But i would, I love you that much babe and I will try that hard for us.”

I turned around wrapping my arms around him hugging him. He was truly my everything, he was my prince and I was his princess.

“Now my princess lets go watch a movie,” he said picking me up carrying me back to my bedroom.


We got to the bedroom; Justin laid me down giving me big kisses, than got up grabbing notebook and putting it in and jumping on the bed and kissing me again. We spent the whole night cuddling watching the notebook by the time it hit 10:00 we were both asleep.







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