Ocean Love

When 14 year old, Kiarah Hanshew, goes to spend the summer with her aunt. Flying all the way to Hawaii was the worst, longest, flight. She had nothing to do for the summer and her mom was leaving to help a charity fund in Africa. She doesn't love it, but after a huge discovery, she never wants to leave.


1. What is Fun?

   *HONK* It was her Aunt Jade waiting for her at the airport. Kiarah was tired and ready to take a nap after being on a long plane ride there. The last thing she need was to be honked at. "Here, let me help", her aunt insisted putting a bag in the trunk. It felt like a long ride home to Kiarah, but it was only ten minutes away from the airport. "How was the flight?" Obviously her aunt did not want them to be strangers if she was going to be living with her for two months. But Kiarah didn't feel the same way. She wans't used to making new friends or trying to get used to new people. But she promised her mom she would try. "Fine, really tiring", she said not daring to make any eye contact. Her aunt was trying to find something to speak of on the way home. But all her mom told her was that she loved mythical creatures. So Aunt Jade had a plan. She wanted to let her adjust then discuss and ancient secret with her. But she didn't know how long it would be before she did.

   "You're room will be the second door on the left."  her aunt pointed as Kiarah walked slowley and curiously through the halls. The room wasn't small, nor was a big. But something caught her eye, a picture of her Aunt Jade and her mom. They were playing on the beach with giant seashells. 'I wonder if this is the only fun they have here?' she thought to herself. She flopped down on the bed and took a quick nap.

   About an hour later, she awoke smelling something sweet. She walked into the kitchen to find her aunt fixing pizza with pineapple toppings. "Ever had this?" Aunt Jade asked sweetley. Kiarah shook her head no, she was hungry, but wasn't sure if it would be good. She didn't wanna try it, not like it, then waste it. Considering how long it probably took her aunt to fix it. "Here's a coke and slice."  Kiarah tasted it and loved it. 'If the food is good, then maybe some other stuff is too.' Her confidence for this place was starting to raise, but not alot. "If you want you can go down to the water and see what you think. I don't know why your mother would move away from here, she used to love it." she paused, Kiarah looking confused. "She thoght this was the best place on earth." She wanted her aunt to stop. She was here for her experience, not hers or her moms.

   After eating, she decided to walk down to the shore. Kiarah spent about a good twenty five minutes looking out at the water, when something caught her eye. She tryed looking closer, but it didn't show again. 'Ok Kiarah, you did not just see a flipper.' she thought. It wasn't a dolphin flipper, no. She thought she saw a mermaid tail. Maybe she had been staring at the water for to long. Yes, she loved stuff like mermaids, but she didn't actually believe in them. "Kiarah!" Aunt Jade called from the kitchen window, "You have a call, it's your mom!" She jumped up and ran in. "Hey mom...." they talked for a while then her mom had to go and help feed dinner to some kids. Kiarah wished she could be with her mom or with her best friend, Ashton. They were the only people that she enjoyed to be around. Her dad died when she was only two in a car crash, so she had no one else to talk to.

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