Ocean Love

When 14 year old, Kiarah Hanshew, goes to spend the summer with her aunt. Flying all the way to Hawaii was the worst, longest, flight. She had nothing to do for the summer and her mom was leaving to help a charity fund in Africa. She doesn't love it, but after a huge discovery, she never wants to leave.


4. Royallty!

   "This place is so beatiful!" Kiarah exclaimed. It was like a dream, an amazing dream. As they swam, all of the merpeople smiled and waved. It was pretty obvious that she was new. Guppies came to her as cute as could be. She jumped, "Don't worry," Hunter said chuckling, "they won't hurt you." She felt insulted by his joke, but found it really cute. Finally! They made it to the palace, it was huge. 'How do people not get lost?' she thought in amazment.

   Everyone was rushing around like they had just seen a shark or something. Hunter stared at her, smiling as if he knew something was going on. And it was. Her Aunt Jade had him tell the king, her grandfather, that she had the power. But he wasn't going to tell her that, what if she was to get mad at him in a way? He liked her and couldn't let violence come between the two of them.

   "Kiarah.... is it really you?" She didn't know who that was or why they were acting so weird. "It's me, your grandfather." He hugged her as tight as he could. When he let go he held out a little box. Kiarah studied it hoping it was one of those joke, pop-up things. It was a beatiful locket with a picture of her father and a note. "My little Kiarah, you may not be full human, but you are and always will be my entire world. Love, dad!" she read aloud. Tears began to fill her eyes and Hunter took her into his arms.

   They helped her explore the castle, and even her room! Yep, her grandfather wanted her to stay sometime during the summer. She told him about her life up in the city and how she missed him even though she had just met him. "How has your mother been?" he hadn't seen her since he had to stay in the ocean and she moved to New York. That's when she realized it must've been hard for her mother. She felt bad for them, real bad.


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