Ocean Love

When 14 year old, Kiarah Hanshew, goes to spend the summer with her aunt. Flying all the way to Hawaii was the worst, longest, flight. She had nothing to do for the summer and her mom was leaving to help a charity fund in Africa. She doesn't love it, but after a huge discovery, she never wants to leave.


3. Never Alone

   The next morning, she rushed right out to the ocean. It happened again, her favorite part, her legs were sparkling. It felt like so long that she had been underwater. Actually, it was only five minutes. There it was again, the strange object. 'How can it hide in the open?' she wondered. "Hello? I... I'm Kiarah. Hello?" *SWOOSH* something swam past her faster than who knows what. She was getting frightened, very frightened. "Ahhhh!" she screamed, when she turned around someone was right behind her. Another mermaid! Well, merman.

   "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." he said teasingly. She started to blush, maybe this was her chance. Maybe she wouldn't have to be alone all summer long! "No", she shook her head, "you didn't." He started to laugh, it was obvious that she was terrified. He examined her, like he was really into her. Kiarah wish she knew what to say to him. She knew whatever she said would embarrass her terriabley. "So, what's your name?" he asked with a thoughtful grin. 'Your name is Kiarah, your name is Kiarah.' if she forgot her own name, she would drown herself. Literally. "I'm Kiarah and you are?" she said it so confident that she was shocked with herself. Her face began to get redder and even more red. And he was beginning to notice it all. "Kiarah, that's a cute name," he winked at her. 'Cute? He thinks my name is cute!' she could swim through all the seven seas from her excitment. "My name is Hunter, not as cool as Kiarah you know?" Hunter, she found that the best name. Plus it reminded her of her favorite artist, Hunter Dixon.

   He became to show her part of the ocean that she had never seen before. Although she had only been in there for one day. How could someone be so perfect, but she knew that she couldn't fall in love with him. It happened once in the ninth grade, her ex built up the love, then broke it down. She had to be careful with this one, very careful.

   After an hour of swimming, they made it to this magical place. A place like she had never seen before, it was beyond beatiful. There were mer-people everywhere, amazing sea creatures, what could ruin it? "What is this place?" she asked overwhelmed. Hunter smiled in amazment, 'How is she a mermaid, but doesn't know where we are?' he thought. He laughed in amusement, not to make fun of her at all. He really liked her and she really liked him. "It's the lost city of Atlantis." Kiarah stopped swimming in shock. She thought that was just a myth, just like she thought mermaids were a myth. But she still loved them, especially this one. Hunter raised an eyebrow, clearly she was slow on the mermaid side. "I'm never going to be alone, for the summer." She said with more excitment than ever. He was confused at the moment, the he realized it. 'She's the lost princess!' he couldn't tell her himself, so he took her to the palace.

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