Ocean Love

When 14 year old, Kiarah Hanshew, goes to spend the summer with her aunt. Flying all the way to Hawaii was the worst, longest, flight. She had nothing to do for the summer and her mom was leaving to help a charity fund in Africa. She doesn't love it, but after a huge discovery, she never wants to leave.


2. Family Secrets

   That next morning, Aunt Jade had a big suprise for Kiarah. "Good morning dear," said Aunt Jade holding a giant book with the titile of 'Hanshew History'. Kiarah read it in amaze, it was all about her family history, and them being...... mermaids. "Wait a minute", she said alarmed, " we're suppose to be mermaids?" Her aunt shook her head and giggled. It was pretty clear that after Kiarah reading the main part that Aunt Jade wished for her to see, was confusing for her. She read it again, 'Very few Hanshews now can take their mermaid form. Once in the ocean water, they may turn into a mermaid/merman.' She was shocked, 'Am I a mermaid, or am I not one of the special decendants. "You've never been in the ocean have you?" Kiarah has always lived in Tennessee, not bordered by any ocean water. Now she was eager to try it out. She ran inside and but on her bathing suit.

   It was time, she was finally going to do it. She stood at the shore terrified, but excited. "I'll be right here for you." said Aunt Jade standing right beside her. She couldn't go, she had already tried. Her Aunt told her about her mom being one and made her promise that she didn't tell her unless it worked out. Kiarah ran straight into the water and her legs started to sparkle. "Go out farther!" her Aunt shouted. Kiarah ran and ran until she fell from not being able to touch. After a second of freaking out, she realized she could breath. Next, she looked down to see a beautiful teal blue tail. She was so amazed, Kiarah started swimming around laughing her head off.

   She finally went back to her Aunt's happier than ever. "Well I see it worked", Aunt Jade said happily,"Shall we call you mother for the good news?" Kiarah nodded excitedly, she couldn't wait for her mom to know. It was the best day of her life. If only she wasn't the only one that had that kind of power. Kiarah felt good, but also a little lonely. Who would be there with her if something happened. She wanted a friend who lived down here, but who?

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