Missing Me

Harry and Holly Styles are brother and sister. In fact their twins! They both share the same intrests, good looks and popularity.
Harry and a few of his mates have set up a little band. They call themselves one direction and to be honest they are pretty good. Harry and his band mates decided that they wanted to go to a performing arts college so they can become better at what they do.
Afterwards they decide to go on to a tv show that changes them forever.
Harry forgets all about Holly, Til they meet up again.


1. Prologue


Harry's POV


"Harry where are yooouuuuuuu?" Trilled Holly. We were playing hide and seek to pass some time. I love Holly. She is the best little sister anyone could ever want. But sometimes she was sooo annoying. 

"I'm not telling you where I am!" I shouted back laughing. Then I quickly covered my mouth realising that she could now follow the direction my voice was coming from.

"Ah ha!" She squealed in my right ear which made me jump out of my skin. She burst out into a fit of giggles.

"You think that's funny do you?" I smirked at her. She was nodding her head still giggling. 

"Well, then I think you will find this hilarious." I said this as I bent down and started to tickle her. She squirmed and giggled. I love watching her smile it makes me feel happy. Me and Hols are best friends. Since we are the same age, same class, and same good looks. We understand each other. When dad... past away we were there for each other since mum wasn't handling it to well.

"STOP!" Holly giggled. Which made me smile more.

"Never!" I laughed evily. She frowned and tried to get back up but I tickled her even more.

"Hey guys their over hear!" I heard Louis shout. I looked over and Niall and Liam, Zayn and Louis were walking over to us. 

"Hey guys! What ya doing here?" I said as I was waving them over.

"Well we were bored and we always had so much fun here." Niall said as he was pointing down towards Holly still giggling. Boy. She will never stop will she? I thought to myself. I stopped tickling Holly. She immediatly jumped onto her feet and then tackled me. I'm guessing that was her payback. I think you should know that Holly and I like our revenge.

Once she was tackling me, the other boys decided to join in. We were playfully fighting like this until Louis looked across our garden over to the vegtable patch.

"I may be mistaken but are those carrots?" Questioned Louis walking carefully over to the patch of greeness.

"Why yes Louis they are!" I said proudly. 

"You can have one if you want."Holly added. 

"But not from there. Those ones  arn't done yet. I have picked some nice ones earlier this morning." Holly said finshing and started to walk away towards the kitchen.


"Do you haveeee to leave?" Pleaded Holly. Sadly I did. Me and the boys were going to atend a performing arts college. Holly didn't want to go to college just yet. She said she wanted to travel around the world.

"I'm sowy Howy." I said with the best puppy dog eyes and baby voice I could carry. I was sad leaving Holly to fend for herself. We still lived with mum but shes usually drunk and sleeping around at random guys houses. 

I gave Holly one last hug and kiss on the forehead goodbye then I was out the door in my car and on the road. Ahhh freedom.




Holly's POV


I couldn't sleep that night knowing that Harry was already in his dorm and settling in having a good time with his friends and i'm here all by myself in my old falling apart bed.

I decided to go downstairs and watch some telly. I was around midnight. 

"I wonder if mum will be home tonight or sleeping around with some stranger." I wondered out loud. I then heared a car door slam and keys fumbling around in the lock. Either that was mum, doubt it would be Harry or a random burgler trying to break into our house. 

Then mum walked in.

"Hi mum." I said politly to her. She gave me a dirty look. 

"Are you talking to me??" Her words were slurred. She was drunk. I always was scared of her. She was always in a bad mood. And she gets violent when shes not happy. I quickly shook my head no before anything else could happen.

She walked over to me and slapped me right in the face.

"That was for not answering my question now go to bed." She yelled at me. I obeyed immidiatly scared of what she might do.

I went  into my room. I still couldn't sleep but I didn't want to go back downstairs, so I logged onto Movellas. And let me tell you something I think this sight is addictive I don't know what it is but I feel like i'm on it 24/7.

I sighed and went to search for a movellas under fanfiction. I started to read this one it was called Broken (real movella.) I've notcied that most fanfictions there is an abuse along the line. But in the end it turns out to be alright the baddy goes to jail and everybody lives happy ever after. 

"Not in my movella." I told myself out loud. These fanfics on movellas are like a story of my real life but instead of my dad / uncle / or boyfriend abusing me its my mum.



One night my mum was in the kitchen. I just had a horrible beating. One of the worst. She shouted at me. Kicked me, slapped me, punched me. I treated me like pure shit. (Sorry excuse my language I don't usually swear only when I'm upset or angry.)

I couldn't take this anymore. So I ran. I didn't have time to pack anything only necessities. Like girly things. But that was it and my phone of course.

I jumped out of my bedroom window. Luckily we lived in a bungalow so I didn't have to fall far. And then I ran. The first place I decided to go was the park. Dad used to take me and Harry there.










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