Loving My Brothers!

Two years of getting close with the best brothers in the world. We were on the seventh season of 'The X Factor (UK)'. Yes, I mean me, Jayla, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Harry. One Direction! This is my second family that I love to death.


3. What was I Thinking

   That next day I walked into the Studio happier than ever. The boys look at me as if I had just risen from the dead. "How was the date? Anything interesting happen?" Harry asked in his perverted little way. I just blushed, thinking about that night , made it seem magical. We had been texting all morning, 'That was the best night of my life!', read the text. No one else could make a night that fun. Besides the texts this morning, he dropped off a bear and roses, and note at my door step. It read, 'Good morning beatiful, sorry I couldn't stay and give you your gift. I had to leave early but I hope to see you this afternoon. Good luck recording tonight, you have the most beatiful voice I've ever heard. I love you!'. Except I didn't want it to get to me while recording. "Yeah,it was nice," I said redder than ever. Louis did not look happy, nor did anyone else.

   He picked me up after work to take me surfing, our favorite thing. But of course I had to wait to get into the car. "Jayla can I talk to you before you go?" Liam asked. I closed the door and walked to him. His facial expressions showed a bad sign. He lifted up his phone for me to see a picture of Cody last night with another girl. And she wasn't pretty at all, I had never seen her in my life though. "Who... where... how did you get this?" He looked down at the phone again and began typing. Cody walked over confused with my slowness. I snatched the phone from Liam in anger, "What... who is this? Did you go right to her after you dropped me off last nigh?" He looked shocked, and terrified. I began to cry and walked off. From a distance I could hear them arguing, "Where did you get that picture?" I couldn't hear everything that was said but it didn't sound good. Thinking about it made me sicker than ever. 'How could I be so stupid? If he didn't love me then why do everything he did?' I thought.

   I walked to Starbucks hoping not to see anyone there. Talking about it would make it even worse at the moment. I took my frappe` and walked off. I can never show my face in public again, or for a while. I can see it plastered everywhere, magazines and more. This was not going to be good at all. I wonder what he would say if it did happen. Maybe he would but another lie on top of it. Who knows, crazy people do crazy things. But apparentley not always for love.

   Later, I layed down thinking that moment over and over again. *KNOCK KNOCK* it was Cody, the last person on earth that I wanted to see. I got off my bed and headed for the door, but he stopped me before I could turn the doorknob. 'What is he doing?' I thought wanting to leave the room as soon as possiable. "Jayla.... I don't know what to say", he paused for a brief second, "I'm sorry about what happened I truly am." What a douche! Why should I accept his apology? He had just broken my heart! I shook my head in anger. Punching him in the balls would bring me so much please. "NO! We have been dating for a day and a half, and you're already cheating on me?" I was in so much anger that I put a hole in the door, but I didn't care. "You said the right stuff, did the right stuff..." I started to think of how much fun I had, "but I guess I fell in love with the fake Cody, not the real one." After a minute, he started to talk but I pushed him out my door. Watching him drive away made it worse. I then knew he truly didn't love me. If he did then he would argue and explain what that was all about that night.

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