Loving My Brothers!

Two years of getting close with the best brothers in the world. We were on the seventh season of 'The X Factor (UK)'. Yes, I mean me, Jayla, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Harry. One Direction! This is my second family that I love to death.


2. Love is in the Air

   The next morning I had to run down to the set and get my script when I found out something. Cody was going to be in the movie! I hadn't told him about it last night, and he hadn't told me. But I had this feeling that he had already known about it. For some reason, it didn't feel like a good feeling. At first I worried, but I just let it go. And he found a way to ask me on a date with the scripts. It went like this, "Maybe we should practice the script off set too." I started to blush not knowing what he was getting to. "Oh, when and where?" I'll admit I was being just as flirty. But I couldn't help it with those eyes and that smile, it was impossiable to resist. "Dinner tonight, I'll pick you up at eight." he winked then walked off. I was dieing inside! It was amazing.

   Later that afternoon, I told Louis about Cody and the date, he hated him. I asked why and he said, " He's not what you think. He's gonna drop you." I knew he wasn't kidding because he was acting dead serious. But it made me mad, was he trying to break us up? I walked off and left. He's suppose to be one of my bestfriends and support me. I support him and Elanore. I've never said they shouldn't date. I waited for that night so I could find out about Cody's love life to prove Louis wrong. But it was taking to long.

   It was only seven o'clock, time was going so slow. But at the moment it was good because I was still getting ready. He said it was a suprise where he was taking me so I didn't know what to wear. I decided to wear my hi-low lace dress, silver heel, silver hoop earings, and waterfall braid my hair. I didn't want to look like I was trying to hard, but it was hard not to. I was comparing bad things with the good things. Good things: he may properley ask me out; Bad things: he won't show, paparazzi,  he doesn't even like me. I was a mental wreck. Then the boys may spy on me. They say I'm their little sister, and they have to keep me out of trouble. They're not over protective, but they're close enough. If they come and make a scene that doesn't need to be made, me and them are through. No, not with the band, just talking, and texting or anything.

   Finally eight o'clock, and he arrived right on time! He was dressed kinda fancy, so I didn't make a bad choice with my outfit. I had to hurry and get down stairs though, because the boys were with him. But I had to make my entrance, so I gave them a minute to get to their warnings. "Jayla!" Liam exclaimed from my stairwell. I walked down the stairs slowley to see him amazed and the other four disappointed. "Wow, you look amazing!" he was the sweetest thing ever. Niall walked over as I tryed to rush us out the door. But it was no use at all. "We want her home by ten sharp." They just stared at eachother and I nudged him to come while rolling my eyes in anger.

   He took me to dinner at the fanciest restraunt I have ever been to. It was so fancy that I couldn't even remember the name of the place. It was spelt in French and I can't speak French. "So, did you just bring me hear to work on our lines?" I teased. He grinned and shook his head, he was about to speak until the waiter came and took our orders. He must have forgotten what he was going to say because he sure worked up a conversation. It was kind of rude if you ask me, but I didn't care. I wouldv'e done the excat same thing, if I wasn't that into him. Then we just sat and ate in silence. "Jayla, I really like you. The more and more we started to text, the more I fell in love with you. I don't see how I managed without you. I know it's only been about two days, but I want a serious relationship. So will you please be my girlfriend?" I was shocked, that was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever said to me. Now I had soomething to prove to Louis. My entire face was red and he noticed it too. "Yes, of course." The rest of the night was so fun.

   Just as I thought, as we were leaving paparazzi popped out from everywhere. I was so happy I didn't care. As long as there wasn't any rumors, I could care less. I was in love.

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