Loving My Brothers!

Two years of getting close with the best brothers in the world. We were on the seventh season of 'The X Factor (UK)'. Yes, I mean me, Jayla, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Harry. One Direction! This is my second family that I love to death.


1. A Day at the Beach

 "Ugh![" I groaned, I wasn't getting a good tan. I'm naturally a little tan, but I wanted to get a little darker. Everyone just laughed then before I knew it, I was in the ocean. They had done picked me up and threw me in. I laughed it off and waited to get them back. But how? I can't even pick one of the boys up. " Hey bestest freind!" It was Niall, we were closer than me and the other three. But we were all friends. " Come on, let's go surfing." I loved surfing so I was all for it. We were all in the water having the best time since summer had began.

 There was a surprise waiting for me when I had gotten out of the water. It was Simon and I tall, old man. " How do you like acting?" He asked, his voice was deep and he didn't seem to excited to be in the sun. I looked at Simon, then the boys. I didn't know what was happening considering I had just been knocked over on a wave by Louis. " I've had an interest in it." I said hoping to sound professional. Plus, I had never heard of a job offer not in an office. He slipped a packet out of his brief case and handed it to me. I started flipping through the pages. " How would you like a main role in an upcoming movie? And the boys can have a single in this movie with you too." I was super excited. Liam and the others were flipping out while I just stared at the papers. I shook my head and started to give that ' I want to but I don't want to' look.

  I sat down and just stared at the ocean. The sound of the waves helped me relax for a little bit. "Why don't you wanna take the role?" asked Liam. I looked at him, as if I was about to faint. It was summer and I still had to be homeschoole. I still had to work on the album but that was fun. The only problem was that I wanted free time. Working on a movie would be almost everyday, allday. " I just needed to think about how much time I would have to relax or hangout with friends. I don't know, I wanna do it." He looked at me, then looked away. He knew what I meant because we have talked about stuff like that. " It's your choice..." I grabbed his arm to make him stop talking. I shook my head as I will do it.

  I decided to do it. But I wanted to get my mind off things before I went home. So I ended up walking who knows how long down the beach. Walking that far was worth it though. Because I met the sweetest guy in all of the U.K.! His name was Cody, Cody Mahone. He had this blonde beautiful hair, and pretty blue eyes. He ditched his two friends to talk to me. I thought that was the sweetest thing, although I didn't even know him.

  After the fifteen walk home, I found out he could be the one. Not the marriage one. Just the best friend one, or possiably boyfriend one. We had so much in common, he was perfect. We ended up texting all night untill I fell asleep with the phone in my hand. It was the perfect day at the beach!


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