Life After Living (shortened version)

(Afterlife Competition)
There are three dimensions that coincide to make the sacred bond of existence. Para. Terra. Infernum...
'I died so why aren't i in heaven? or hell? Or anywhere?'


3. Three

Soon we come to what I realized was a lift but above it was no building, well as far as I could see there wasn't one. There was a deep fog smothering the sky but it was only in this particular place. We stepped inside and the usual relaxing- awkward lift music played.

“So what exactly is it we do here on Para?” I asked.

“We use our knowledge to help people on Terra, no one is left to die alone and humans need protecting from the mortuus. But first you must spend a little while mastering your element there are fire, Aether, water and earth you should find out yours today!”

“So what's your element?” I asked as we carried on walking through a clear meadow.

“Aether, at first it was a nuisance learning how to control the levitation skills air brought but now I wouldn't have it any other way!” Raphael replied, lifting off the ground ever so slightly.

The lift opened and I had just been introduced to a palace. It was like the Garden of Eden all over again but modernized. Water trickled into little channels, out of pools, bubbled out of fountains. It sounded beautiful like the melody of nature dancing on the wind. We passed a spiral staircase which wound around a real waterfall. It was magnificent the shining stairs curled around the tiny glowing rainbows as the waterfall reflected off the golden staircase. Angels were everywhere young and old, but all with the same bright glow, their colours all standing out. “ looked at the angels around me, gently flowing towards their destination; I realized they all had wings. And I swung my head to face Raphael who was very slowly sprouting wings, in the colour of, well Raphael.

“Before you ask wings are part of the uniform, I probably should have been wearing them earlier but they tickle a lot, I need an upgrade!”

An upgrade on wings! If I didn't know better someone back on Terra would think he was talking about a phone. “And you've just reminded me you should probably put your wings on now!”

“But how?” I asked; he was talking to me like I had been here for years rather than a day.

“Sorry, I need you to close your eyes, imagine you’re at the seaside-”

“An English seaside? Because where I'm from seaside’s really aren't pleasant, with the rain and more rain and let’s not forget rain-” I interrupted.

“Okay, okay let’s start again, close your eyes...imagine you’re in a garden bathed in sunlight, you lay back and relax, all your worries slipping away....there's a slow hum of birds tweeting and the softness of the sunlight shimmers through the leaves of the trees... you curl up in a ball as you sway up and down, up and down to the rhythm of the wind...”

I am so relaxed and dazed I let myself fall backwards and instead of screaming in fear as I fall to the ground, I lift myself up. I don't fall, instead, the wings on my back lift me like the puppet strings gravity has on me have been lifted. Raphael grinned at me and I turned to the side to see the tightly clenched core of my back unfurl into the brightness of my wings. It felt surprisingly natural.

 We headed rapidly for some impressive wooden doors. Carved into them were wings with water on the outer ring and fire on the inner part of the rings. Air flowed in between refereeing the fight between water and fire as plants and flowers curled round the edges, it was the four elements. On top of the door it said ANGELUS ACADEMIAE…


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