Babysitting with Niall Horan

Mrs. Woolford requested Hayley Porter to babysit her children for 5 weeks. She didn't know who's Mrs. Woolford nephew was that will be joining her to babysit the children... And then a blonde, blue eyed boy who's already at the house, waiting for her to come. After a few days,they'll grow closer... What will happen next?


12. Chapter 9

- Hayley -

I woke up with a snoring Niall on my side. I laughed with a snor. I'm about to stood up when i felt a two warm arms around me. I realized that it was Niall. What the. I loosened my grip to his, but he didn't let me go. "Please stay for just 5 minutes." He pouted. I groaned playfully and went back to his grip.

I was woken with a 3 little voices cheering me up. I opened my eyes and saw it was Sammy,Stephanie and Sophia singing me to wake up. Well, not me. Niall too, cause his sleeping mouth slightly open. I rubbed my eyes and held the edge of the bed to support me to stand up.

As i stood up, i looked over the clock. It was quarter to one. Holy crap! I was sleeping 3 hours ago. Niall said only for 5 minutes. I'm such an idiot, but i like it. What a weird. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and changed into my galaxy tank top and my Zara denim light shorts. I pulled my hair into a messy bun and headed downstairs.

"What did you guys ate?" I asked confused because none of them didn't know how to cook. I guess. "I cooked cereal!" Sammy proudly said. I laughed and went to the kitchen and help myself to eat. I opened the fridge to find a box of brownies. 

I ate almost half of it until i remember the things happened last night. I cried because Niall didn't say the girl she liked which is me, we ate brownies and drank mountain dews, watched a movie, asked me to be his girlfriend and slept.

I smiled because it's like  movie. Lol not. I smiled really wide. I was being asked by Niall's voice and i only said i'm okay. I washed the dishes since it was a sunny day. 

I imagined living in paradise. God, i wish i live there. It's a tumblr girls' dream to live in paradise. Paradise is like Paris. Like, full of love' ;) 

I saw a hand waving infront of my face. I shook my head and turned to look to Niall. "Earth to Hayley,eh?" He asked. I laughed and watched an old cartoons. We watched Cat & Dog. Gosh, how i miss that cartoon. It is a half dog half cat in a one body.

We finished it and we decided we could go to the mall. We got ready, i didn't changed my clothes i just wore my converse shoes. 

We drove atleast an hour to go in the mall. Once we got there, me and the girls went to Forever 21 and more girly stores. While Sammy and Niall went to some boyish stores.

We entered Zara and three girls went to me. "Are you Niall's girlfriend?" The one with blonde hair asked. I nod and smiled at them but she didn't smiled back. I was getting scared right now. "What can i help you?" I asked normally but deeply scared. "Don't steal Niall from me! You dumb fuck!" The girl nearly yelled. "Look, i dont want a fight but he is the one who asked me and i answered him a simple 'yes'. I love him he love me i guess. So please don't try to kill me." I said really getting scared.

She almost punced me when i heard a girl yelling. "DONT TOUCH HER!" I looked over who it was. It was my bestfriend, Janice. She didn't changed much, her curly brown hair is falling perfectly in her back and her piercing blue eyes is still gorgeous. I smiled to her and she nod and gave me a look, 'Go ahead. I'll see you later. I'll finish this' I nod and walked away with the kids.

We went to the food court and we saw Niall and Sammy eating subway. HAHHAHAHAHAHA not funny. They ate without telling us? Hmm, i must do that with Sophia and Stephanie for revenge. Bwahahahhahahaha!

I turned my head to the girls. They're glaring at them while i'm trying hard not laugh. I gestured them to find another seat. We walked through the food court with a different direction. We ordered our food and eat.

I saw Janice on my right, when she finally caught me, i waved at her. She waved back. She made her way to us and she took her seat beside me. "Long time no see ,Hayley. I missed you so much!" She said while hugging me. "I missed you too. You don't understand." I said back to her. We pulled away and she ordered her food. 

I felt my phone vibrate and saw it was a text from the one and only; 'NIALL THE SEXY BEAST' I laughed at myself because of what he put. I opened it and it was said;

Where are you?

I replied; Food court xx

Ahh, i see. xx

I smiled and continued to eat. Janice came back with a bunch of food. At first i was shocked but then faded because she always eat food every minute. She's a Teen Vogue model. Just letting you know. 

I saw Niall and said it was 9 o'clock and we said our goodbye's. "Make sure you call me and we could catch up sometimes." Janice said. She gave me her number i gave mine to hers. We made a girl-kiss-cheek thing. We headed to the car. Exhausted.


HEYYYYYYYYY! :D I'm sorry i didn't updat for a while bc SCHOOL. I hate school but love it at the same time. Lol, love-hate thing. Soooooo, @ILOVE1D4Life aka Janice, here you goooooo. I hope you guys like it or love it. Choose, love it or like it? LOL. So i better get going. I smell like armpit and im going to take a bath a update some of my fanfics. :) Oh and i have a boyfriend who's name is Luke Hemmings. Just letting you know ;) Bye and love you heaps. :*

-authorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)

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