Babysitting with Niall Horan

Mrs. Woolford requested Hayley Porter to babysit her children for 5 weeks. She didn't know who's Mrs. Woolford nephew was that will be joining her to babysit the children... And then a blonde, blue eyed boy who's already at the house, waiting for her to come. After a few days,they'll grow closer... What will happen next?


10. Chapter 7

{{co-author Emilaaay}}

Nialls POV

I could see she was hiding something. The smile she slapped on wasn't cutting it. It wasn't her. From the short time, I feel like I know her. I've seen her smile. And that was fake. There was something on her mind and I kinda wanted to know, but what if she doesn't feel as close to me as I to her. God. She made me go mad. All the probabilities swirling inside my head. I was confusing. It was like it made no sense yet a lot of sense all at once and I couldn't focus on one or the other. She got into my head and it hurt. She had wiggled into my heart as well and that hurt just as much. "Niall" Sophia said as she waved her little hand in front of my face. "ohh.. umm .yeah" I said startled from the little dream session I had going on. "I have to tell you something" she whispered obviously over come with guilt. "I told Haley you had a crush on someone" she whispered. "I know" i whisper. "Did you say that it was her?" I asked nervously. "I didn't tell her who though, she seem kind of sad" "okay too much to process" i said as i got up and walked away from her. Wait. I thought and stopped in my tracks. She was sad when she thought i liked someone. Maybe.... hopefully she liked me back. I got way to excited. i skipped up the stairs only to run into her. Here eyes were red and puffy. "Haley, whats wrong" i asked grabbing her shoulders gently. She pulled away from me. "Its nothing i just need some air" she whispers and walks down the stairs and out the door. Tears. Bad news bears right there. 

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