Babysitting with Niall Horan

Mrs. Woolford requested Hayley Porter to babysit her children for 5 weeks. She didn't know who's Mrs. Woolford nephew was that will be joining her to babysit the children... And then a blonde, blue eyed boy who's already at the house, waiting for her to come. After a few days,they'll grow closer... What will happen next?


6. Chapter 4

*Hayley's POV*

I woke up and turned my gaze on the side of me. I saw Niall still asleep,and his mouth hanging a bit of open. I chuckled and stood up. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After 5 minutes, i left the bathroom and changed.

I changed into my White Chill Vest Top and my Vintage Levis' Shorts. Yea, im a tumblr famous...kinda.

I finished changing and rushed downstairs. I saw the kids watching tv and laughing their asses off. I smile curved into my lips as i saw them happy. I always wanted to see people happy.

"Hey wey." I said,their gazes turned to me as they smiled.

"Hay gurl hay." They said, at the same time.

"Wow,you're acting like a Harry meme."

"So are you."

"Okay. I'm going to cook our breakfa-"

"OKAY!" Niall said,sheepishly. I rolled my eyes and chuckled and made my way to the kitchen.


"Hayley, that was delicious!" Niall exclaimed,wiping his lips with a napkin. I laughed quietly.

"You always said that." I laughed and he gave me a playful glare. I stick out my tounge and washed all the dishes.

When i finished, we decided we could have a movie marathon. 

"Soo,what moving would you like to watch?" I asked,looking through the cd's.

"PITCH PERFECT!" They all yelled in unison making me chuckle. I nodded and found Pitch Perfect. I slid it into the dvd player and started playing it.

It's the part that Beca and Jesse kissed and i could feel in the corner of my eyes, Niall's gaze to me. I ignored it pretending i didn't saw. Once we finished it,i flopped down the couch and pretending to sleep. I loved doing that.

"What about we go to the water park?" Stephanie asked,with her sweet voice. My face quickly lit up. I always wanted to go there. I've been there 2 years before my mom died.

I shook my head and nodded. 

"Okay,so me,Sophia and Stephanie will go somewhere and you and Sammy?" I asked,narrowing my eyebrow playfully.

"We'll go.....somewhere too!" Niall exclaimed,weirdly. I rolled my eyes and smiled. We made our way to Wahee Cyclone. (A/N: I just saw this and put that in here...(:)

While waiting for out turn, i noticed some girls are looking with me. A girl with a dirty blond hair and a full-fil make-up on her face,an another blonde girl with her hair curled up like a ball and a full blond girl. 

They all looking at me and my swimsuit. I looked away, awkwardly and looked down at my swimsuit. I wore a polkadot ribbon twopiece swinsuit. So,what's wrong?

I refused to go to the ride because me and the girls are hungry. We walked and i saw the same girls talking with Niall. I felt anger and jealousy inside my body. I cleared it and walked towards Niall.

"Hey Niall!" I said,cheerfully. He looked to me and he smiled widely.

"Hey love." He said. The girls are glaring at me i just smiled at them. "Let's go home." Niall said,putting his arm around my shoulder. I felt blood rushed through my cheeks.

"Why are you dating her?" An unfamiliar voice said. "Yeah. She's a slut." "YOU should be dating one of us." Said the girls.

Niall stopped and turned around. He laughed.

"She's not a slut. You are." He paused. "And i'm not going to date one of you!" He yelled, causing me to jump. The girls rolled their eyes.

I made a derp face and laughed out loud. They turned they head and rolled their pretty eyes. Lol.


wey hey. guys im not going to be updating this for a while bc there are SO many homeworks i have to do. -.- but ill have some co-authors.

And I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! when i saw it was 59 favs, 200+ views 48 likes. YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME.

bye bye. :) gonna do my project .-.


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