Babysitting with Niall Horan

Mrs. Woolford requested Hayley Porter to babysit her children for 5 weeks. She didn't know who's Mrs. Woolford nephew was that will be joining her to babysit the children... And then a blonde, blue eyed boy who's already at the house, waiting for her to come. After a few days,they'll grow closer... What will happen next?


3. Chapter 2

       Hello guys !!!!!!!! this is Hayley's outfit in chapter 1 ; just ask me if you didn't get it. i wont ignore you. im planing for my 3rd fanfic... so here's chapter 2! byeeeeee

       Niall's P.O.V;

                We headed back home and jumped in the couch. I'm so tired. So i headed upstairs to take a nap.

             "Hi Niallllllllllll..." My ex-girlfriend, Ellie said. "H-hi." i stuttered. "Wannaa haavee sooome fuuun?" she asked,sounded drunk. "N-no. and you're drunk." I said,pushing her. I felt a hand on my arm, i turned around and saw her with her slutty puppy dog-eyes. "No." i said. she said. I was driving and felt my phone ringing, i saw the caller I.D; Hayley♥. I picked up, "Hello?" i asked, "N-niall!" I heard Sophia, said. "What's wrong?" I asked,worried. "H-h-hayley...." She stuttered. My heart almost stopped, what if some thing happen to her? "What happened?!" I panicked. "Sh-sh-she i-is dea-" 

              My eyes fluttered open, not wanting to hear what Sophia will say. I saw someone next to me, i sat up and saw it was Hayley sleeping. She looked so peaceful while sleeping. I got up and went downstairs to eat. I climbed on the couch and watched 'Warm Bodies'. Julie (in the movie) looked like Hayley. My mind is full of Hayley,Hayley,Hayley,Hayley. Why can't she get out of my head? 

               I turned my head on the other side, and saw Hayley's iPhone. I grabbed it and unlocked, i went through her Twitter and saw a tweet about an hour ago, "@Haylz1D_LM_5SOS; having fun with someone special" Was she talking about me? I put the phone from where i steal. lol. I grabbed my ipad and tweeted, "@NiallOfficial; You're so special, that's why i love you" A few seconds later, it's has 5,000 rt's and 7,785 favourites. Are my fans are spies? I mean, the way that they're so fast

           I turned my attention on the movie, the part that R and Julie hold hands infront of the zombies. It's kinda weird, but i liked it.


sorry guys i need to go i'll make it long to the next one bye

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