The Longbottoms

This fanfiction is about Frank, Alice and Neville Longbottom, starting from when Neville's birth.


3. Neville's 1st Birthday:-)

July 31st came quicker than any of the Longbottoms had anticipated. Even so, Alice and Frank had been sure to prepare for their boy's special day. When he woke up, they fed him then carried him to the mountain of presents in the middle of the living room. Some of the gifts they brought him were not suitable for a 1 year old boy, however the purpose of them was to create special memories as a family, so that he could look at them and remember the times they did happy things - this was Alice's idea. Although she did not know of her terrible fate, she knew that things were extremely dangerous and that anything could happen to her or Frank, especially as they were aurors. 


The morning went by exactly as Alice had planned - her and Frank were not on duty, so could spend the whole day with Neville and Augusta had arrived with her own gifts for her grandson, (magical instruments that were used to detect magic in a young person and to push the magic out of them). After lunchtime, as Neville was sat waiting for his last present, the fire in the living room roared loudly then a hoarse voice protruded from it. 

"Frank? Frank! Frank, are you there?"

Startled by the sound, Neville instinctively whipped his tiny head towards the sound and whimpered feebly. 

"Frank! This is urgent, there's no time for you to messing around!" The persistent voice hissed, just as Frank, Alice and Augusta walked into the room. 

Seeing the distressed look on the head in the fire's face, Alice lifted up Neville and cuddled close to him, whilst Frank went to speak to the unexpected visitor. 

"Eric? What are you doing?" Frank asked.

"Trying to find you!" Eric said impatiently. "We need you in today."

"Eric, it's my son's birthday! You can't seriously expect me to-"

"It's Bellatrix Lestrange. She's been sighted!" Eric interrupted.

"I..well, um-" Frank looked desperately at his wife.

"Go," Alice said. "We understand."

Without another look at Neville, Frank grabbed a handful of Floo powder from a little pot next to the fireplace, threw it into the flames, stepped into the fire, said "Auror department" and disappeared.

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