The Longbottoms

This fanfiction is about Frank, Alice and Neville Longbottom, starting from when Neville's birth.


4. Crucio

Frank and the rest of the aurors never managed to catch Bellatrix Lestrange, but remained hopeful for several days afterwards, desperately praying that she hadn't gone far. This, however required constant shifts at the ministry for both Alice and Frank, so Augusta decided to move in to babysit Neville. No one knew how long it was going to go on for, so Augusta sold her house and agreed to buy another once Voldemort was dead.


One particularly cold day, Augusta was once again babysitting Neville as Frank and Alice had not been back home for 3 days. The last Augusta had heard was that they were outside searching for death eaters 2 hours ago and she had not heard anything since. Despite being sickened with worry, she kept up a brave face in front of Neville and continued to play with him, to keep him happy. They spent hours, both yearning, Augusta for news, Neville for his mummy and daddy back.


Finally, at 7.30pm, Augusta had had enough. She couldn't stand the wait and she yanked her coat of the hook, dressed Neville warmly and made to walk out the door. When she opened the door however, Eric, who had spoken to Frank through the fireplace several weeks before, stood there, a grave expression on his face.

"May I come in?"

Augusta stopped. "I- er...what is it? Is it about Frank and Alice?"


Augusta body began to collapse as she took in Eric's expression. "They're dead!" She cried. "They're dead aren't they? I'm going to find the people that did it and I'm going to-"

"Augusta, they're not dead."

"N-n-not dead?" 

"No, not dead," Eric gulped as if choking on his words. "But...I don't know how to say this. Bellatrix Lestrange found them. She...she performed the cruciatus curse on them both."

"What? Where are they then?"

"They're in St Mungo's. The curse was very strong. They lost their memories. They wont be the same anymore."

As if he had understood everything Eric had just said, Neville cried loudly, he cried for his lost parents.

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