The Longbottoms

This fanfiction is about Frank, Alice and Neville Longbottom, starting from when Neville's birth.


2. Aurors

The several months that followed Neville's birth were a happy few months, especially for Alice and Frank. They adored Neville a lot and constantly spoilt him, much to the disapproval of Augusta Longbottom, Neville's grandmother. She believed in bringing a child up on what he needs, only with the occasional treat, however despite her desperate attempts to make Alice and Frank see that, they stayed defiant and showered their baby in love.


June dawned bright and Neville's 1st birthday was fast approaching. Unfortunately, whilst Alice and Frank would have rather been spending their time buying presents, they were frequently called into work, due to the increase of tension in the ministry. The wizarding community were panicking; because of one man getting stronger each day. They were all worried, worried that they would be next to die. It was Frank and Alice's job to try and reassure the wizarding world in some ways; they were aurors. Aurors were employed by the ministry and their job was to catch dark wizards and witches. Every time someone was caught, it was like a glass of water after eating a very hot chilli: a small bit of relief, but still a raging fire overpowering the relief and moaning on through the hard times. 


The separation from his parents upset Neville a lot and though he was only a baby, every time Augusta babysitted him, she could see the longing in his eyes. Despite this, the Longbottoms carried on everyday, hoping for a better tomorrow.

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