Fallen from Grace (Hunger Games)

68th Hunger Games


47. Check Up

     Not too soon, Emily fell ill with a terrible fever. Her body felt weaker and slower on the second day of training,  it she kept doing her job and drank more water to keep herself hydrated. She didn't even think she would wall ill that hard. Phox came in demanding she get out of bed after having bamming at her door for two minutes, he didn't even notice how terrible she looked. The Avox were the ones to notice first and put a cold wet cloth on her forehead after checking her temperature, that was when Phox got the message on what was wrong with her. So he left her while the Avox took care of Emily.

     They left a plate of crackers and a glass of water by her bedside as Emily slept, and only came to her to soak the cloth again. At one point the took her to go take a bath to sweat off the sickness while they replaced her bed sheets with something clean for her to sleep in. Right after, she went back to sleeping and waking up from time to time for a cracker to nibble on and water to sip for a few hours.

     There was a light knock in the door that made Emily jump awake. "Hey, Red?"

     She weakly groaned and slowly sat up. Her hair was an utter mess that she had to comb back with her fingers. God her body ached. "Come in . . ." her voice called over while adjusting herself to lean back on the headboard.

     A head full of red hair peeked into the room before entering when Emily looked toward Abraham Rose. "I heard you were pretty sick . . ." he muttered as he approached her bed. "That sucks."

     "Pretty sick is sugar coating it," Emily gave a short smirk. "It does suck though," she sighed, "Thanks for risking your own health to check up on me though."

     "I don't believe in germs. You don't get sick if they have no power," Abraham chuckled a little at his own joke. He came to the foot of the bed and pat the corner, "mind if I sit, sicko?"

     Emily merely rolled her eyes at his own inside joke and nodded. "Go for it. I'm too weak to fight you off anyway." Pathetic, she joked to herself.

     He smiled and sat on the edge of her bed. "That's good, because my ego can't take another hit so soon."

     She lightly chuckled, "Still sorry," the redhead shrugged. Emily readjusted herself before pulling a sheet and covered up to her nose to stop the germs from going airborne in the Seven victor's general direction while she talked. "Is it okay for you to even be here? Possessive Wren wouldn't be too happy about that."     "Uh," the victor sighed, running a hand through his hair, "I told her I was going to bed early."

     Oooooooh, even lying to her. "She's going to screech at you if she finds out," Emily answered, her voice sort of muffled behind the sheet.

     "Yeeeaaah . . ." Abraham frowned, and took to chewing his nails, "I guess I deserve it though, after letting her run rampant the other night. I'm sorry about that by the way."

     "Oh, yeah. No, I get it," she sighed and shook her head. "I wasn't as emotionally prepared as I thought I would be with that warning you gave me," Emily added. "It wasn't your fault."

     The boy glanced over at Emily, and pursed his lips, "Well, I'm still sorry that it happened. It was shitty of me to do that."

     Emily mirrored him, her lips pierced and dropped her eyes down to a crinkle on her sheet. Although it didn't hold her attention long. "I kind of provoked her anyway. Wasn't there a rule to not poke a stick at the angry lion?"

     "Yeah well, ya' know." He shrugged with a small sarcastic smile.

     "Sorry that Gryffon came in and spoiled your mood," she added to their apology hour, remembering how quiet the boy became when his enemy joined in.

     "It's cool, I guess. I know you're kinda friends with him."

     "He's not exactly a friend," she shook her head. "Just a coworker I tolerate on a good day."

     Abraham nodded. "So, uh, I was gonna bring you some soup or something but I didn't want to get you more sick . . ."

     Emily playfully scoffed, "how dare you," she chuckled.

     "I know, I'm a heartless human being," he added sarcastically.

     "You should feel bad," Emily added one last bit and tried to lift her leg to nudge him, but it ached too much and dropped it.

     "So what got you so sick, Red?" Abraham began, "Is there something I shouldn't be eating downstairs?"

     Emily merely shook her head. "The air is clean here. My body isn't used to it," she explained and dabbed a bit of sweat from her nose, "I just get sick easily. You'll be fine.

     "Sounds good," he nodded.

     "Still think you'll be running a fever next week," she shrugged casually. "So don't wear any sweaters," Emily added and pointed to his attire with a bed sheet covered finger.

     "Hey now, take it easy, alright," he defended, furrowing his brows.

     Emily rolled her eyes at him. "Should I apologize to you or the sweater?" the redhead joked.

     "Both? Mhmmm, both is good," Abraham smiled, as he began to slowly tap on his legs.    

     Emily tilted her head and slumped her shoulders down a bit. "Sorry." Then her eyes looked down to his chest. "Sorry," she rolled her eyes with sarcasm.

     Abraham rolled his eyes so hard he felt like they'd roll right out of his sockets, but he couldn't help but laugh at her. "You're too much, Eight."

     "I try," she shrugged casually as she sank lower into the sheets. "Now go off before she catches you. You don't want to catch what I got," Emily groaned.

     The Seven victor nodded before getting off her bed. "Alright, see you around. Don't stay sick too long," he said as he lingered for a moment then started out of the room.

     "I'll tryyyyyyy," she whined quietly and rolled into a ball. "Don't have fun without me."

     The other redhead rolled his eyes but took the time to smile back at Emily, "Wouldn't dream of it." He took the handle, turned it quietly, and left the room.

     Emily took in a deep breath through her nostrils and lightly smiled for a bit before she took a sip of water, turned over, and went back to sleep. That was nice of him to come over and check on her.

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