Fallen from Grace (Hunger Games)

68th Hunger Games


11. Bloodbath

    Emily had run toward the fence and the humming grew louder. Then the blood curdling screams began. She was too afraid to look back, but she had to so no one came her way with a knife or an axe. Her body trembled as she turned to the Cornucopia . . . so much blood and chaos . . . Her green eyes fell on Liam fighting someone and push them away before he slice them across the throat. Their blood oozed from their neck and coughed up red as they choked for air.


    First death . . .

    The redhead turned back and walked along the fence to find a safe spot. ANY way to get out. The Capitol wouldn’t have put a fence up if there weren’t a way out. They wouldn’t want the Games to end within the hour . . .

    Emily grew closer and closer to where she saw Liam earlier and the buzzing never ceased. How . . .? How would they—

    A knife whizzed by her head and the redhead squealed and froze in place. She quickly turned to her pursuer and the girl from Seven approached her with fearful eyes. Emily backed away then immediately stopped when she remembered what would happen if she took a step closer. Oh god she was about to die . . .

    The Seven girl tightly gripped her axe in her hands and was just about to raise it when she twitched forward and fell face first in front of Emily.


    The redhead stared at the girl with wide eyes, an arrow stuck out in the back of her head and a figure ran up to her. “Let’s go!” Liam exclaimed and took her hand.

    But Emily resisted his pull and tugged at him to stop. “No! Don’t!” she cried. “It’s an electric fence,” her voice croaked with fear. Her eyes fell on the fence with Liam’s and realized the stands that held the wires were wood. It wouldn’t shock them, but it was equally as dangerous to climb it.

    “There’s no safe spot?”

    “No . . .” she shook her head and looked back at the bloodbath. Then she looked down at the Seven girl Liam killed, who’s dead hands held the axe.

    Wait . . .

    Emily quickly took the axe and approached the fence with trembling numb hands. “Watch my back . . .” she told him, her tone unsure if what she was about to do was even safe. But it was all she could see to escape. She raised the axe and swung, the blade shopped the wood and no current surged through her body. Her eyes widened with hope. With a little delay getting it out, Emily pulled the axe from the wood and swung again. She would have asked Liam to do it instead to speed the process and time, but he was a brilliant shot and Emily would have had them both killed if she watched out for other tributes. The cut was choppy but the stand grew thinner the more she cut. When she reached the halfway point she pushed the stand with all her strength and weight, but it wouldn’t budge.

    “Liam!” she called in a growl.

    He looked over his shoulder and dropped his bow and helped push with her. It nudged a little but not near fast enough. “Back away,” he said and kicked the wood stand. Emily looked back and the numbers grew smaller and smaller. It was only a matter of time before the Careers noticed them . . . 

    She sprinted to the dead girl and pulled the arrow from her head when she heard the snap of wood behind her. Emily looked back and helped Liam push it one more time when they felt it break forward. Liam stepped away for a moment and picked up their weapons and took the arrow Emily retrieved back and pushed the stand again when the echo of snapping wood overpowered the noise of screaming children.

    The other stands fell along with the first that broke and fell toward the golden horn. A domino effect. He pushed Emily to go first when their handiwork fell to the ground and carefully balance across their bridge. Avoid the electrical wires, slip and you’re dead! Once they reached the end, they booked it away from the bloodbath.

    Emily couldn’t look back. They made an escape for all of them and the redhead did not want to see the numbers behind them.

    Cannons fired and Emily had lost count how many had died. She wasn’t even sure how many had died before the fence fell. For the time being . . . her heart still beat . . .

    Emily was pulled by her wrist as Liam tugged her behind one of the old crumbled buildings, turning every corner and running down many blocks when they finally stopped twenty minutes away from the Cornucopia. She had fallen to her knees as she gasped for air, her body shook with fear and her nerves begged for her to break down while they were safe. It was true . . . she was trapped in the horrific reality . . . she was in the Games and there were only two ways to get out . . .

    Murder the others and live another day . . .

    Or die . . .

    Liam looked around the corner as Emily hyperventilated and listened carefully for any other sound. He let out a heavy sigh and knelt down beside Emily and rubbed her back. Her body shook against his touch and there was nothing he could do to comfort her fear. That hardly ever happened and Emily knew he hated how he had no power to rid her negative emotions. He collected her in his arms and buried his face to her neck and his gesture alone broke Emily to tears. He ran his hands through her hair as she muffled her sobs in his chest. “I’m going to die . . . I’m going to die . . . I’m going to die . . .” she repeated.

    "Em, calm down,” he whispered to her in a soothing tone, “You’re okay . . . you’re safe . . .”

    But she couldn’t take his words for granted. Yes, she was safe FOR NOW. But what about in the next hour? She got a bad score for a reason. She wasn’t meant to win. Liam had higher chances getting out alive and he wanted her to be the one to live . . .

    How was that fair . . .?

    Liam kissed the top of her head and loosened his strong arms around her. “We have to find a place to hide. They’ll find us out here if we stay . . .” he said quietly.

    Emily took in a shaky breath and nodded her head before they both stood up and cautiously ran three blocks south into the most destroyed looking building they had seen yet. There were large holes and it was a risk being seen there, but the others would be looking for a place with less destruction to hide themselves. The Careers knew it too, and if Emily and Liam heard them wander close by they could run to another building to lower their chances of getting caught.

    The two of them climbed into the second floor and found a room with less holes in the wall and began making a fort out of the rubble. It had gotten quiet and it had been an hour since the start of the Games. Emily wondered how many of them were left. While she made their first wall for their fort, Liam went through two packs he had managed to swipe from the bloodbath. Rope, a flashlight, knives, a loaf of bread, some wire, rubbing alcohol, gauze, a jacket, and a whistle.

    “Why would they give us a whistle? Wouldn’t that make us easier to find?” Emily asked.

    “To make a call if one of us gets into trouble, maybe,” Liam shrugged and put it around her neck.

    “What about you—?”

    “You’re going to need it more than me . . .”

    Emily stared at him for a moment and dropped her eyes. She wanted to tell him to leave her for dead. But after the confession the night before she knew Liam would never do that. “I’m so useless . . .” she muttered to herself and fingered the whistle around her neck.

    Liam gently took her face and gave her a light kiss on the lips. She took in a deep breath from her nostrils, feeling as if the lungful of air gave her the ability to float. Emily could just sense the Capitol going nuts over the kiss and she knew Liam could care less that they saw, it wasn’t for the cameras and it wasn’t for the sponsors. It was for her and her alone. 

    He slowly pulled away and lingered close to her. His breath breezed upon her lips and tempted her to kiss him again, but held back. “No, you’re not . . .” Liam muttered under his lips and ran his hands through her hair until it brushed at her curled ends. Emily let out a quiet sigh and pressed her forehead to his and intertwined her fingers with his. A couple in the Hunger Games . . . how tragic . . .

    Within a few hours, they finished their hut using some coiled pipes to hold their rubble roof over their heads and using one of the holes in the walls to keep it up. They made a small opening at the very edge of their rubble fort so it wouldn’t be too easy to notice if someone were to wander into their room and the for still looked like a pile of wall and ceiling to camouflage them. Emily and Liam held each other in their little temporary house and kept quiet when they heard shuffled feet outside below them.

    Night had fallen and it grew cold, but the temperature hardly bothered them. District Eight had terrible winters and survived when blizzards swept over their homes. Thye would survive.

    The anthem then echoed throughout the arena. Emily and Liam peeked out of their hole to their ceiling window and watched the faces of dead tributes shine over their heads. One of the Threes, both Sixes, the girl from Seven, both tributes from Nine, the boy from Ten, an Eleven, and both tributes from Twelve had passed on the first day.

    So there were only fourteen of them left . . .

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