Adopted (Niall Horan love story)

She was 18 and her parents died when she was 3. What happens when Zayn Malik's mum adopts her. Will a certain Irish someone make her fall even more in love with him than she already was? Read to find out!!


12. What Are WE?

Zayn's POV   (A/N There's a

I hurt my best mate....He loves her and I know he won't hurt her so why did i tell him he couldn't date her? "Niall!" I scream before i could stop myself "What?" Niall said coldly as he walked back into the room. "I-i'm sorry...You can date her if you want to, BUT do NOT hurt her..." I say. I swear he is smiling bigger than humanly possible... "Really?" He asks "Yes." I say. He smiles bigger if possible. He hugs me "We good?" i ask "Yeah we're good" he says. I smile if Julia is going to be with someone I'd rather it be him...



Julia's POV

I smile as I walk upstairs and change into my pajamas:  and walked back downstairs. I see Niall sitting on the couch "Hey Niall?" I say trying to get his attention. He looked up and smiled "Yeah?" He asks. I smile "What were you and Zayn talking about?" i ask "Nothing... don't worry bout' it..." He said.. I sigh "Okay..." I say and sit down beside him laying my head down on his shoulder. I guess we are friends with benefits... I don't know...  but what I DO know is that I like whatever we are... no matter what at least I met him.. "so whats up?" He asks. "I'm a bit tired..." I say. He sighs "You can go to bed..." He says. "I don't feel like moving..." i mumble as he laughs "Then I'll have to do this.." he says "Wha-" I was cut off by Niall picking me up bridal style. I laugh and lay my head on his chest as he carries me upstairs to my room "Niall!" I laugh "What?" he asks as i roll my eyes "Put me down!" I say laughing "Okay!" he says before dropping me on my bed and sitting down beside me. I smiles and kiss him. He kisses back and I pull away. "Night' i say smiling "Night" he says back before walking out of my room. But that night I can't help but think.. What are WE?

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