Adopted (Niall Horan love story)

She was 18 and her parents died when she was 3. What happens when Zayn Malik's mum adopts her. Will a certain Irish someone make her fall even more in love with him than she already was? Read to find out!!


7. Talking To The Brother

Niall's POV

Yeah I kinda like Julia well....more than just kinda I really like Julia. When Zayn asked to talk to me I was freaking out!! "So Niall.... you like my sister don't you?" He asks. "Um... Yeah I really like her... I am falling to hard to fast." I say "Yeah mate you just met her today and... she is my sister! Just I trust you don't hurt her and you have to wait until you get to know her better... Okay?" He asks. I nod my head okay and we walk back out to the boys and Julia. "What was that about?" Harry whispers in my ear "I'll tell you later." I say.


Harry's POV

"I'll tell you later." Niall says. What was that all about? I have no idea!! I mean I have a little idea I mean just look at the way Niall looks at Julia yeah I know exactly what that was about...I just want to know what Zayn said!! We decide to go to the park once we get there Niall and Julia walk off together. I look over to Zayn and he is practically shooting death glares into the back of Niall's head! I walk over to Zayn and put my hand on his shoulder. "Mate he really likes her...and by the looks of it she likes him to. Just let life take it's course y'know they would be the perfect couple."  I say "I know. I just don't want her getting hurt in another case I don't want him getting hurt either." Zayn sighs. "Zayn do you really think Niall would hurt Julia or that Julia would hurt Niall?" I ask "No." Zayn grumbles. "My point exactly. Just let life take it's course." I say "Okay." Zayn sighs

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