Adopted (Niall Horan love story)

She was 18 and her parents died when she was 3. What happens when Zayn Malik's mum adopts her. Will a certain Irish someone make her fall even more in love with him than she already was? Read to find out!!


13. Stupid Fans..

Julia's POV



Today me the lads and their girlfriends are going to go to their concert!! YAY!!! Well anyways um.. I gotta go get ready!! I walk to my closet trying to find the perfect outfit. I finally find an outfit. NO not this.. ok next I find another outfit. NO.. next I FINALLY find the outfit I want to wear.. This:

I LOVE it! I smile as El walks into my room.. "Get ready!! We're about to leave.. And this is important because the interview afterwards is when they are announcing that you are Zayn's sister! So make sure you look like your sexy self." She winks. Yeah me and El have already become close.. I am meeting the other girls today so I'm really excited. "Alright alright! I'm getting ready.. Now get out!" I say as I pick up a pillow and hit her with it. She glares at me. "I'm gonna get you back..." She says still glaring at me. "Sure sure.. But really get out!" I laugh as she walks out, I quickly get dressed and putting on light make-up. Right as I finished there was a knock on my door. "C'mon sis! It's time to go!" Zayn calls. "Coming!" I call back as I walk out and downstairs. "You look great.." Harry winks causing Niall to glare at him. I chuckle and look over at Niall as if talking through my eyes saying It's ok.. I don't like him like that  He seemed to notice because his face softened into a small smile, while Harry just looked clueless. It was just harmless flirting..I think..



Niall's POV


Harry is flirting with her.. This is ticking me off... Just watching him flirt with her when I'm in lo- did I almost say I love her? Oh my god.. Well he needs to stop. I know him and I DON'T want him hurting her.. She sent me a look telling me she doesn't like him like that so I calmed down a bit.. "So.. It's time to go!!" Louis says. And so we left for the concert...



Julia's POV


*After concert* Right now we are backstage at the boys interview.., I met Danielle and Perrie and I loved them! Me and the girls are really good friends so far and we are going over to Dani's for a sleepover this weekend so we can get to know each other better,, The boys just came out of hair and make-up (They had to get it redid after it all getting washed off cos of the concert) Me and the girls went before them. We waited for their  cue and I would wait until they mention me in the interview before walking out. "Hi I'm Lindsey and I am the host of this lovely show! Ok so today we will be welcoming one of the biggest boybands in the WORLD! ONE DIRECTION!" She says. I smile as the boys walk on stage waving at the cameras. "Ok so this is Liam. Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn! So which of you boys are taken?" Lindsey asks. "I'm taken by, as most people know, Eleanor Calder! or as most of the Directioners know her as, El." Louis smiles widely at the mention of his girlfreind and El blushes. I giggle and poke her cheek "You know you two are an ADORABLE couple right?" I say smiles "Thanks" She quietly says blushing harder. "I'm taken by Danielle Peazer or, Dani, as people call her." Liam says. Dani smiles widely as Liam sees her and smiles back. "I'm taken by Perrie Edwards or, Pez." Zayn smiles and Perrie smiles back. "I'm single!" Niall says "Unless you count my love for food as  a relationship," Niall adds laughing. "I'm also single" Harry says. "Ok! So 3/5 have girlfriends.. That must be a sad for the directioners to here but I'm sure they are happy for you!" She says. The boys all smile nodding as she continues "So I here that Zayn's parents adopted a teenage girl! Where is your sister Zayn?" She asks him as he looks over at me. I smile as I walk out and the crowd goes crazy. A couple girls in the front row wearing "I <3 Niall" t-shirts glare at me. Shoot they must recognize me from the picture of Niall and I kissing on E! News I think to myself as I sit down between Niall and Zayn. Zayn smiles wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "This is my sister Juliette! But we call her Julia!" He smiles and I wave "Hi guys!" i smile. "So Julia did you like 1D before you were adopted?" Lindsey asks. "Actually yes.. i was a big fan and I don't know how I didn't realize that I was being adopted by Zayn's mum and dad, But sure realized it when i got back as I sow Zayn coming downstairs" I laugh along with a few other people, the boys, and Lindsey. "Nice! Well you HAD to have had a favorite so which of the boys did you fancy the most?" She asks winking a bit at me. I laugh a bit "That would have to be Niall..." I say smiling. The girls in the front row role their eyes and clench their fists. I smirk at how I've made them so mad with just that one sentence. "Oh I see.. I mean we did get a picture of you and Niall snogging in the local park.." She says chuckling. "Yeah I wasn't to happy about that.. and neither was Zayn.. I mean SOME people want some PRIVACY." i say and Niall smiles laughing a bit. "Yeah just cos we're famous doesn't mean we don't want some privacy.. We have feelings.. we are normal people" He says."Oh..Well sorry.. Ok so that's all the time we have for today! Can we all give a round of applause to One Direction and Juliette Malik!" She says as the crowd bursts into claps and cheers. We all walk off stage thanking Lindsey for having us.


*After interview outside on the way to the car*


I saw those girls that were in the front row again.. Most people were saying nice things to me as we walked to the car but those girls and a few others were throwing insults at me. "Your so ugly!" One says "And fat.. why did Niall kiss you? Why did Zayn's parents want you?" The other says. The others were things like

"Ehy did they want her?? She's so ugly!"

"She's such a s**t ! Snogging Niall on the first day that she's here! Wow desperate much??"



And other things like that... I just wanted to cry.. As soon as we got home I went straight to my room and to the bathroom that was connected to it. I sat on the floor crying. I looked up at the shelf in the shower and sow something shiny.. My razor.. The first thing that popped to my mind to ease my pain was one word; Cutting.

Before I could stop myself I was up and my hand had grabbed my razor, I sat on the floor thinking of where to cut. My arms would be to obvious because I can't wear a long sleeve all the time.. I DON'T cut my stomach.. So my thighs are all that's left. I move my dress up a bit and press my razor down on my skin slowly sliding it to the left. I watch as the blood brims over the cut. The pain feels good,,, It feels good because it is the only pain I can control.. I love it.. I create a couple more cuts and put the razor back on the rack. I here someone shuffle in the doorway and I look over to see Dani, Perrie, and El. "Hey,.." Dani says quietly.. "You ok?" Perrie asks. "N-no.." I say crying. "Come here." El says opening her arms for a hug. I walk over to her and fall into her open arms. The other girls wrap their arms around me in a group hug. "You need to tell the boys" Dani says. I shake my head 'No'. "Please.." perrie says.. I shake my head again "They can help you!" El says and I sigh.. "Fine." I mumble. "Good" perrie says. We walk downstairs and I stop in front of the boys "I-I have t-to tell you something" I muter. "What is it?" Zayn asks worry in his voice, "I-I cut a-again because of what t-thos girls said.." I say breaking into more tears. All the lads pull me into a hug. "Don't listen to them.. you are beautiful.. stupid fans.." Niall mutters.



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