Adopted (Niall Horan love story)

She was 18 and her parents died when she was 3. What happens when Zayn Malik's mum adopts her. Will a certain Irish someone make her fall even more in love with him than she already was? Read to find out!!


8. Romance With Niall!

Julia's POV

Me and Niall walked over to this little place that he saw one time when he was here. He walked me to this little pond with a hill beside it. He lays down and pats the spot next to him. I lay myself down and lay my head on Niall's chest. I hear his heart beat quicken and smile. it's starting to get dark "The sky is so pretty..." I say smiling. "So are you..." Niall says. I look up at him and smile. "Thanks." I say smiling. "It's true. You truly are beautiful.." he trails off. I see that he had brought his guitar with him. "Hey Niall can you play me a song on your guitar?" I ask smiling. He nods his head yes and begins playing. I immediately recognize the song as Truly madly Deeply. He started singing and I smiled. "I've always loved that song..." I say. he smiles "I love you" I could have swore I heard him whisper. "Huh?" I ask. he smiles "I Niall James Horan love you Juliette Lory Malik." Niall says smiling. I smile and kiss him. It was a sweet kiss. we see flashes but don't pull away. Once we do pull away it was late. I had a text message from Louis.

Hey Julia once you and Niall are done snogging come home. We already left. Oh and DON'T deny it I saw you and Niall snogging by the pond ;)

I sigh and sit up "Niall we need to go home..." I say. "Okay..." Niall says

I hope Louis didn't tell Zayn...

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